I'm against capitalists (and the capitalist system that enables them), and i like markets (supply/demand signalling through price setting). Markets are a grass roots movement to me, they exists even without money or govt.

Many cannot differentiate between these two. They say markets and capitalism are the same.

To me that is the effect of a very well executed capitalist propaganda campaign: without capitalism all you have USSR-style central planning, empty shelves and secret police.

@abura The idea that markets exist without government is an iffy one, in certain ways. Markets as we know them today are the product of over a thousand years’ influence from a technology introduced to force a population to support a military: money. (Mint currency -> declare currency the only acceptable way to pay ones’ taxes -> pay military salaries in currency.) It has nearly obliterated the gift economies and systems of debt & labor exchange which preceded it. So, I think it’s fair to say that today market exist in absence of government because we-all have been trained since childhood to produce them.

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