the Netherlands was a blast. A whole different type of festival with its own economic rules. Funny enough this is a lot like the ancom's market sharing.

Now on our way to near Berlin, which is so-far-so good the best festival I've ever been to. Cannot wait to merge with the Bachstelzen (or whatever it is called nowadays) dancefloor! Maybe that's the place I want my ashes to be scattered if it turn out i was not immortal all along. :)

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Violate one license and you’re a criminal. Violate every license and you’re an AI.

#microsoft #copilot

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Both sides publish their own narrative, calling the others Nazis, even mass murderers. I don't believe that the invasion was unprovoked, and diplomacy was at all not tried.

Living in the west i get the pro-Urkaine narrative spoonfed to me by the media like it is vaccines. There were pro Ukraine ads on TV. While some Russian news outlets are blocked. Like there's no two sides to this story, this story has only one side, the west+Kiev side.


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I'm torn on my support for Ukraine. I would not even fight for the country i was born and live in! Maybe I would fight for my city or street, but not for this shitty capitalist country. (Definitely not pro-Russia either)

I would maybe support Cuba back when it got invaded by the US. Not that I think Cuba is this beacon of light, but at least the revolutionaries just freed the slaves. I also understand the risk Cuba took by building militarily on a powerful neighbours border.


Conspiracy theorists (CTs; people believing in conspiracies that are considered unproven by the masses) and the Left.

Leftists could easily be considered CTs, as "we" usually believe US, NATO, WTO, The West conspires to undermine worker movements as their leadership secretly in bed with big biz. A conspiracy.

Though I often find hostility against CTs in leftist circles. Why? Sure some conspiracy stories are HUGE fashy dog whistles, but apart from that... Why not "tolerance"?

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"The [YJÊ, YBŞ, YJA-Star & HPG] guerrilla resistance is a fight against fascism. Guerrillas defend not only Kurdistan, but the entire Middle East and humanity. […]
That's why the entire humanity should embrace this struggle. […]
As the Yazidi community and people of Shengal, we are witnesses of massacres. We witnessed in 2014 who defends freedom and who the dictator is. When DAESH (ISIS) gangs attacked the Yazidi people in 2014, KDP peshmergas and Iraqi troops abandoned us, while guerrillas came to our rescue.",
said the locals' Democratic Autonomous Assembly of Şengal/Sinjar, home of the Êzidî/Yazidi people
ISIL's attempt was the 74th genocide against the Êzidî people through history currently resumed by Erdoğan.

Meanwhile how Turkey is attacking the peoples as a revenge for defeating its partner ISIL was once again pointed out, this time by the co-chair of the Nature and Local Administrations Board of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria ("Rojava").

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Just got blocked by a self proclaimed anarchist saying dislike the COVID vaccines, after he called me a conspiracy weirdo. He's also going to report me. Is disliking this "medicine" really something I have to hide?

We want to be tolerant right? Except (as per the tolerance paradox) towards intolerance. I'm tolerant of the he vaccine, I want people to have it who like it. I'm tolerant to people who took it. I will just not take it. Does that make me intolerant?

I'm against capitalists (and the capitalist system that enables them), and i like markets (supply/demand signalling through price setting). Markets are a grass roots movement to me, they exists even without money or govt.

Many cannot differentiate between these two. They say markets and capitalism are the same.

To me that is the effect of a very well executed capitalist propaganda campaign: without capitalism all you have USSR-style central planning, empty shelves and secret police.

In Germany they have a better name for "pride month/week/day", they call it Christopher street day (CSD). It is a refers to when the gay scene stood up against police harassment in NYC.

I find it a MUCH better name. I don't understand the word "pride" for stuff you did not do. National pride, white pride, football club pride, sexual orientation pride. All a big load of bollocks to me.

CSD refers to a fight against authority that was won! That's something to be proud about (if part of it)!

When I ask people who hate Russia and Putin how they feel about the US+Bush and NL+Balkenende, I get raised eyebrows. They also invaded a sovereign state based on a bullshit story and changed the regime. But hating Russia+Putin is all the rage somehow.

I'm so tired of this ignorance, the hypocrisy. And it seems to be getting worse and worse.

I don't like imperialist war. I welcome refugees. And I don't only do so when the MSM tells me.

4/ (last)

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Now Russia invaded Ukraine, and the contrast cannot be bigger. Hate to Russia and Putin, Ukrainian flags from the windows, and a big "Ukrainian refugees welcome".

When I ask people who support Ukraine if they also supported Iraq (a country that was invaded using our tax money), I get raised eyebrows. I conclude we did not support Iraq massively because we were not told to support them. Unlike Ukraine now, we are constantly told by the MSM to support them.


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I'm against both wars. I'm against both imperialist regimes that started the invasion. But the invasion of Ukraine is to me much more "a result of earlier escalation/provocation" than the invasion of Iraq.

But where I live people have forgotten our govt invaded quite recently a country. The people generally did not welcome Iraqi refugees. We did not support Iraqi by hanging flags from our windows and constantly calling out the US and our own govt for "illegal invasion of a sovereign state".


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I live in the so called Netherlands, who's govt send army to invade Iraq together with the US in the 2nd Iraq war. This conflict created many civilian deaths, and caused many to seek refuge. The reason for this war were "WMDs", that were never found.

Now Russia invaded Ukraine. The geopolitical backstory is long, with a Minsk agreement, a Crimea, the Maidan revolution and the pro-russian party that was the biggest party (30% of votes) and subsequently was forbidden.


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