Pavel Bialanau is a punk musician from Grodno, he used to play in the Deviation band known for its critical towards authorities lyrics. On 29 May 2022 arrested for having a tattoo reading “Fuck Lukashenko”. He was charged with degrading the president.

Павел «Белка» Беланов — панк-музыкант из Гродно, играл в группе Deviation, известной своими критическими к власти текстами. 29 мая 2022 года вызван на допрос по делу о нанесению протестных граффити, где его арестовали за татуировку «Лука, иди ты нахуй».

Donations via paypal (including possibility for credit/debit cards) -

Bitcoin wallet - 1CcxWEswKjXZgXQCds5KcHfemzrAASVbuv

If you are interested where do the money go, here is the list of things that we use your donations for:

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Donation with bank transactions in EU countries can be done via ABC-Dresden:

Account: UGMR
IBAN: DE57 4306 0967 1216 4248 00
Note: Belarus (if you do not specify this note, we will not get the money)

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Failing fundraising at means that we won't get any money from the campaign. So if you donated here are some options to transfer money to us. We are now in debts and there is no sun on the horizon so far.

Беларуские каратели не могут взломать LUKS шифрование -

1 day left in our fundraising campaign. This is literally the last possibility to support it. We managed to collect 40% out of 100% and still believe in magic of solidarity!

Please RT


Some of you trying to send letters to figured that there is no mail connection anymore. This is the case for most of the european countries. You can't send post to Belarus anymore. You can still send letters to comrades via our online form -

However, if the fundraising fails, we still have our fixed payment methods. For example you can donate via paypal at We also have a european bank account - DM for details of transactions.

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With 14 000 euro missing and 2 days left in our crowdfunding it is highly unlikely that 25 000 will be collected. If we do not reach the goal we will get no money at all, so pushing and donating right now is very important!

With 19100 euro still missing and 6 days left in our crowdfunding we still hope that there is somewhere out there an anarchist who would just drop the whole sum at the last day of the campaign.

The crowdfunding for anarchist and antifa prisoners in goes on. We've collected 4500 out of 25 000 euro and still have 9 days to reach the goal. Don't forget to drop some money! We know you got your salary at the end of the month 😉

One of the hard conditions of firefund platform is that if you don't reach the goal of crowdfunding you don't get any money. After 8 days of campaign we collected only 11% and we urge you to donate! Support anarchists and antifascists in


We are very sorry to publish that in a week of crowdfunding we managed to collect less than 1800 euro. This doesn't even cover a week of work of lawyers on the current court schedule. It is up to every person to support our work.

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