Happy ! 🏴

Death to patriarchy & remember to show solidarity with your sisters, not just your cis-sters! πŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈπŸ’œ

VAN NUYS MUTUAL AID 3/7: We distributed sanitary products, groceries, food and literature to the community. 🏴

If you would like to help keep us going you can donate to us via GoFundMe. You can also contact us directly at aarflosangeles@protonmail.ch for pick ups or drop offs. 🏴

Van Nuys mutual aid! We distributed sandwiches, drinks/snacks, groceries, and clothing to the community. πŸ΄πŸ–€

02/07: We're out here in Van Nuys today distributing food and groceries to our community. πŸ΄πŸ’œ

Another windy day of mutual aid. πŸ’¨ Today we setup in Van Nuys and distributed meals, groceries, snacks, and clothing to our community. 🏴

Protect Pine Mountain! Solidarity with the Chumash Nation! 🏴🌳

We look forward to continuing our work and building solidarity within our communities. We know times are tough, but if you have the means please consider donating to our mutual aid fund. Support us here: t.co/qyNgVga097

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A.A.R.F has been doing a lot of work providing aid to those who are houseless within our community this past year. As anarchists, we understand that mutual aid is equally as important as any direct action we take in the streets.

Anarchists in Los Angeles posted multiple flyers in support of the struggle against fascists & the state on . Fuck Trump. Fuck Biden too. We are UNGOVERNABLE. 🏴

No Cops! No Proud Boys! No President! 🏴

Date: Wednesday, Jan 20th
Time: 10 AM
Location: Fremont Park

Within these next few weeks fascists will mobilize on our streets. Find trusted comrades. Be prepared. Together we are strong. Together we can smash white supremacy!

🏴Close the prisons! Build community!🏴

New Years Prison Solidarity Party this Thursday! Join us!


Come join us for a 2021 New Years Prison Solidarity Party!

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