Question for people living outside Finland:

See the picture in link. This is a public place to wash your mats/rugs/carpets.

Do you have such places in your country? If yes, tell your country in comments.!file/!id955/!

@Stoori Wat!?

You'll be lucky if you get a public toilet in the UK. Extremely rare to find drinking water even.

@aaaaargZombies @Stoori In the United States, most roads don’t even have sidewalks. Public toilets are some kind of fantasy most places. There is no infrastructure for people who need communal resources of any kind.

silly capitalism 

@aaaaargZombies @Stoori The capitalists really don’t make sense these days. Just think of the increased demand for drinks if there were more public toilets.

And it also works in reverse even, there'd be so much more demand for toilets if people had access to free drinking water!

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