Im tellin y’all.. colonialism is da root of all evil..
Hawai’i’s water crisis should be national news. Honolulu was disconnected from the main aquifer and was connected to a smaller water source that is not sustainable. They going to run out of water because of the US occupation of Hawai’i. Women’s reproductive health is imperiled. Six elementary schools have petroleum in their water. Shut down Red Hill Fuel Reserve. Imperialismo pal carajo!!

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, Khara Jabola-Carolus
y @​KharaJabola

What’s happening in Hawai’i right
now as a result of US imperialism is
absolutely wild.

The Board of Water Supply chief is
crying on TV & urging Honolulu to
ration water because military jet fuel
is leaking into our main water supply.
Downtown to Hawai’i Kai has been
cut off.

Image 2:
A Khara Jabola-Carolus =
y @​KharaJabola

Hawai’i water crisis poses unique
health risks to women. Exposure to
petroleum has been linked to
increased miscarriage & birth defects.
As I write, US military fuel is
compromising O’ahu’s main water
supply to the point that restaurants in
our nabe are serving bottled water &

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