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Image 1:
Commodi fying

- Resistance:


Image 2:
Buying a canvas bag or
reusable mug is how you
save the planet. Buying
a Black Lives Matter or
George Floyd shirt is
how you fight white
supremacy. Buying a pink
pussy hat is how you
dismantle patriarchy. A
Che Guevara shirt is how
you resist capitalism.

Image 3:
It is obvious that these
things don鈥檛 actually
fight the hierarchies
they are marked as bring
against but after
liberal co-option of a
movement, symbolic
representations of
Support replace direct
action as the means of

Image 4:
Liberals co-opt
revolutionary social
movements by
revolutionary language.
The next step in killing
movements is for capital
to commodify it. It does
this by marketing the
purchase of products as
revolutionary acts.

Commodifying resistance: 

@_joe_merrick1312_ The SI did an amazing job of commenting on this in the 60s. For those that haven't had a chance to read it, Debord's Society of the Spectacle does a good (if exhausting) job of describing the problem while Vanigem's Revolution of Everyday Life gives some ideas of how to deal. Both are available free online at the SI library: library.nothingness.org/articl

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