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All power to the affinity groups 

If you've recently been radicalized, don't join some hierarchical organization that considers you a means to an end. You and your friends already constitute an affinity group capable of acting autonomously. Define your own objectives and fight.

They'll tell you that you need their leadership. No — you need to find comrades you can learn with as equals, developing a shared analysis and the skills to act. Being someone‘s pawn won’t amount shit. Arm yourself!!

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¿De dónde vienen los normalitos (normies)?
("Normie" sería una persona normal o –en su defecto– un básico. El término se refiere precisamente a alguien común y corriente.)

* Where do normies come from?
("Normie" would be a normal person or - failing that - a basic person.The term refers precisely to someone ordinary.)*

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“ They could just search into rematriating to their ancestral land instead of......well ya tu sabes que voy a decir...... “

(Via: @caciquerico)



Die indonesische Regierung nutzt die Covid Pandemie zu ethnischen Säuberungen in
West Papua.

Die Regierung übt Gewalt aus mit militärischen Operationen im Gebiet und befördert damit eine humanitäre Katastrophe.
Das Rote Kreuz bekam bis jetzt nicht die Möglichkeit, humantäre Hilfe zu leisten.

Self defense as addressed by international laws of war:

“The Geneva Convention becomes more relevant to Israel with a protocol added in 1977 that seems to be, if not a direct response to the situation after the Six-Day War, at least strongly aware of it:
Armed conflicts in which peoples are fighting against colonial domination, alien occupation or racist regimes are to be considered international conflicts.(5)”

Urgent request by the United Liberation Movement For West Papua Interim President Benny Wenda in the aftermath of the torture and killing of the bros. Janius Bagau, Soni Bagau, and Justinus Bagau.

Last week:
The burial of brothers Janius Bagau, Soni Bagau, and Justinus Bagau in Tambabuga of Bilogai Village in Intan Jaya, West Papua (16/2/21).

They were tortured to death by Indonesian fascist soldiers inside a health clinic where Janius was seeking medical help for gun shot wounds made by the fascist Indonesian military, accompanied by his two brothers.

Asking for help, please boost 

Hi friends,

I've got to the point where my debt is affecting my quality of life massively, I can no longer deal with the strain its putting on my health both mentally and physically.

I've set up a GoFundMe page for anyone who can help, which you can find here with more explanation:

You can also donate via




& I'll add as an offline donation.

Any help at all, and boosts,appreciated 💛

(Video)Trigger warning ⚠️ CW, ethnic cleansing in West Papua 

Foreign media still banned in West Papua. The West Papuan people need our voices! Let’s get these images circulating so the world can learn about the “secret genocide” taking place in West Papua. 1 in 3 West Papuans have been killed since the illegal Indonesian takeover in 1963.
“Trophy killing” photos. The man is Yustinus Murib, an elder. Death to fascist Indonesian military!!! The West Papuan people need help!!!

“Share! When situations like these occur, Indonesia blocks internet access to prevent use of social media.”

★Cover art by @shawk23_art ❤️

“Members of the Auyu tribe of Papua, Indonesia, are demanding a halt to the operations of palm oil company PT Indo Asiana Lestari (IAL), which appears to be gearing up to clear their ancestral forests.
They say that the company failed to obtain the community’s consent for the project, and that it’s not clear whether it even has the requisite permits to begin operations.“

1312, dunno where this happened, acab 

No se dónde pasó ésto. 🖤🔥🖤

Tantos siglos bajo la opresión colonial que ya han olvidado que son oprimidos y colonizados.. 😒
no sirven pa’ ná te lo digo.

‘ Today is International Mother Language Day. Still from “Xala” (1975), dir. Ousmane Sembène. ‘

(Via: Sunu Journal)

reminder not to post your crimes on the internet

¿Qué pasa con lxs olvidadxs? 

“ Yemen today: 400,000 children under age 5 who are so malnourished that they are in their last weeks and months. “

(Via: ᴀʏᴇsʜᴀ ᴢᴀʀᴀ)

These are the spineless scumbags. 

This is what a colonizer looks like 🤢🤮
(Via: @myartisnotpolitical)

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“I am tired. Tired of seeing my island be used as an experiment for the benefit of the colonizers. Tired of being seen as opportunities and not as people.
They act as if there were no people in Boriken doing the hard work to liberate the island from their oppressive ways. Countless times we’ve been used as experiments by US government and settlers, countless times they’ve left their trash behind. NO MORE!
This spineless scumbags started calling Boriken by a different name: Puertopia.”

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