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“It’s time to stop singin’ and start swingin’.” Malcolm X

“Cuando el enemigo nos señale a la cabeza para humillarnos, nosotros le señalaremos su cabeza con un tiro por su insolencia.”
Pedro Albizu Campos

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¿De dónde vienen los normalitos (normies)?
("Normie" sería una persona normal o –en su defecto– un básico. El término se refiere precisamente a alguien común y corriente.)

* Where do normies come from?
("Normie" would be a normal person or - failing that - a basic person.The term refers precisely to someone ordinary.)*

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Dear disgusting privileged tourists and travelers all around:
You’re killing us!!

¡No jodan más ná!

(source: Center for Disease Control)

On International Day against Violence against Women, we celebrate and honour the women of Palestine fighting colonial occupation while also resisting patriarchy and gender-based violence and torture at the hands of Israeli forces.

Aver si nos enteramos ya...

Que "Black Friday" significa "Viernes Negro" porque es un dia en el que nuestras vidas ennegrecen más que nunca, promovidas por un consumismo sin sentido. Y sobre todo, apoyando monstruos como Amazon que están acabando con la economía del comercio local

NO a Amazon. Mi más sincero y poderoso distrust a esta compañía y a todos/as los que hacen que siga existiendo


The bodies of approx 650 COVID-19 victims are still in refrigerated trucks in New York months after their deaths (warning: distressing)


“Gig economy” is a fallacy.

(Vía: @ridesharedriversunited)

‘ This is not freedom. No home time, no family time, no day off, not being paid adequately for the time on the road. No over time, no paid sick leave. ‘

Anti-government protesters In Guatemala brought a guillotine to Congress last weekend.


hey yall im really sorry to do this again but i need $10 for food and train fare today


Untitled (Duke Ellington), Los Angeles, California, 1960⁠
(Photo: Gordon Parks)

‘ Thessaloniki. Greece. On November 17, 2020, Greek police suppressed demonstrations to commemorate the 1973 Polytechnic uprising in several cities. Many people were arrested and injured from police violence. The following text is about an attack on a police station in Thessaloniki on the same day. ‘

(Published by Athens Indymedia. Translated by Abolition Media Worldwide.)

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