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All power to the affinity groups 

If you've recently been radicalized, don't join some hierarchical organization that considers you a means to an end. You and your friends already constitute an affinity group capable of acting autonomously. Define your own objectives and fight.

They'll tell you that you need their leadership. No — you need to find comrades you can learn with as equals, developing a shared analysis and the skills to act. Being someone‘s pawn won’t amount shit. Arm yourself!!

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Here ya gooww .. get your anti “christmas” vaxx already. It’s painless.

help a black trans woman's family pay for her funeral costs

Help B get to Paradise from this terrible tragedy

Black Trans Woman battling persistent homelessness for 4 years living in trans misogynistic, fat phobic, ableist shelter at the hands of state sanctioned violence

Venmo: @ tfsenna
Cash: $tfsenna

#donate #boost #crowdfund

Sexual assault black men I think you already know where this is going 

Yeah I got nothing. It's almost like this is a habitual thing that keeps on happening and nobody talks about it because of... you know what I'm going to remain cool

Buju Banton, Capleton, Barrington Levy, and Bounty Killer - “WHERE YOU COME FROM”


Wyt ppl don’t reply 

When I was little my daddy knew a yanki colonizer couple and I remember when I met dem I was wit my dad at a grocery store and da wife said to my dad when he introduced me to em “awww he’s so cute.. can I have him?” Dat fuckin wyt supremacy power moves.. dat went through my stomach like a gun shot.

“Colonizers could truly never know the pain you’ve caused because y’all are dead. You could never know the true meaning of life and living because you are “emotionally dead”. Imagine most folks CHOOSING to live a lie and make you out to be cr*zy because you refuse to go along with it.
Gawd I’m so angry today.”
I know how dem sibs feel cuz I been there just like dem. 💯 with dem feelings n words!!

Vía @nottherespectabletype
I am sharing a bunch of real history in my stories. Yt people while you learn the truth today from Black/Indigenous people today, pay them.

Just for fun ... a short story I wrote about working life in the so-called United States.

Capitalism is nothing more than the continuation of of the divine right of kings by other means.

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