"To effectively resist cooptation and expand our movement, we believe we need to build on the FOSS movement with an explicitly anticapitalist political movement which proactively collaborates with other movements for justice." cooperativetechnology.codeberg

@Zoey @SteveKLord I like "cooperative technology" but I also like "socialist technology" because everyone already knows socialism is countervalent with capitalism. Anyway, point well taken. I believe it's been said already that early computing technologists such as RMS are/were libertarians. Shame!

@vidak @stman

@SteveKLord @Zoey @theruran This text is very similar to what we want to do with the crypto-anarchist situationist federation, except that we go deeper : We explicitely claim that such goals cannot be achieved within the current cyberspace and digital systems architectures, concepts, paradigm, and we explain why.

But we agree that it's all politics, and that this shall be clearly stated. Every (alternative or not) technological/architectural/conceptual choice is a political choice.


@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

Choosing the right words to describe such techno-political mouvement, so that its doesn't drift too much with time from its initial goals and values, so that it can be as best as we can and as long as possible resilient to capitalist political instrumentalisation attacks or sabotages, but also stay inclusive and growing is hard task that we must debate long enough :

10 years ago I was self describing myself as a true crypto-anarchist.

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

I wanted to launch or contribute to a "crypto-anarchist federation".

But rapidly, partly because of crypto-bros (crypto-currencies) self describing themselves crypto-anarchists, I realized there was a massive libertarian attack and acquisition of the word "crypto-anarchist" meaning : These guys were clearly crypto-libertarians, but not crypto-anarchists.

I started to fight back using the word crypto-libertarians to describe them and they really did not

@stman @theruran @SteveKLord @vidak They even took the word libertarian which was originally used by anarchists. I am not a fan of these types.

@Zoey But even the libertarian and crypto-libertarian scenes were attacked by something called NRx.

NRx is a degraded mode of crypto-libertarianism, that indeed secretely target opposit and fascist political goals of cyber-domination and hegemony. NRx is opposed to free integrated circuits and alternative cyberspaces architectures & concepts.

If you don't know about NRx, here is a deepl translation in english of a good article made by french honest investigative

@theruran @SteveKLord @vidak


journalists :

The only point I disagree with their vision is that they mix crypto-libertarians (libertarians) with NRx, while NRx, at cyber level, is absolutely not fitting with true crypto-libertarians that wouldn't be opposed to free integrated circuits or alternative cyberspaces architectures and concepts, but they would not fight for them either, they are neutral. But NRx is strictly opposed.

NRx has absorbed the true

@theruran @SteveKLord @vidak


crypto-libertarian mouvement, and completely destroyed the true crypto-anarchist one.

We true crypto-anarchists are survivors, who survived to a first absorbtion by crypto-libertarians, that were themselves absorbed by NRx.



A crypto-fascist cyber-imperialist hegemonist mouvement.

@theruran @SteveKLord @vidak

@stman Mega says I need decryption key, can you send me one please?

@Zoey Normally it is already included in the link. But let me check, this link again and test it. Be carefull to authorize as a safe website in your browser if you use some protection plugins. But let me check the link, gonna send it to you again after I successfully tested it.

@stman It works for me now, gonna give it a read

@stman Just finished reading, thank you for the link. There is totally a link between right-libertarians and fash. Hoppe is a strong example, he does not even try to hide it. I need to read Land properly to see what he is on about.

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

appreciated this move from me in France. Personal attacks on me started to be rather heavy, they harassed and isolated me in France from many within the hacker community for that, and this was the proof, to me, I had discovered their attacks on true crypto-anarchism and anarchism.

Later on, keeping studying crypto-anarchism, I realized that there was no true possible crypto-anarchism within the current cyberspace architecture and concept, tied tightly with

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

with current digital system architectures, concepts, in other words, within the current digital system paradigm.

So using the word "crypto-anarchism" became more and more risky, in terms of unwanted reappropriation & instrumentalization.

Then I discovered and fall in love with situationists, for many reasons, and I decided to self describe myself a "crypto-anarchist situationist", but maybe I should have thought of using the word "crypto-situationist",

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

but it would have been a acknowledgement of defeat regarding crypto-libertarians attacks, and I did not want to abandon the word "crypto-anarchist" to them.

I also though about the word "cyber-revolutionary", but it was too politically neutral, leading to easy instrumentalisations.

Finally, I stayed with crypto-anarchist situationist, that was helping saving the true meaning of crypto-anarchism and reappropriating it from crypto-libertarian that had stolen

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

it to us, but it was also a way to transcript the fact that there is no possible crypto-anarchism with the current cyberspace and digital system paradigms, and that we were needing new alternative ones, and the fact that situationists historically had political analysis and actions based on the study of all kinds of architectures, was a way to cleverly remind we do care about digital architectures and concepts, and that we are clearly aware that any choice

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

regarding them were indeed clearly strong political acts with consequences in all known political fields.

This was a way to clearly remind that we are not satisfied with the current cyberspace architecture and concept, same for digital systems, and that we were actively researching alternative.

Using the adjective "situationist" with "crypto-anarchism" was therefor a way to clearly tell that we were not surrendering to the statut quo of the current

@theruran @Zoey @SteveKLord @vidak

digital systems and cyberspace architectures and concepts, and that we clearly had true cyber-revolutionary ambitions.

@stman What are your favorite situationist texts?

@Zoey I have not read a lot, some part of "La société du spectacle", but I had the chance, during a summer party with latinos friends in paris, to meet randomly a small group of situationists. I fall in love with the concept after 30 minutes of presentation of it by one of them : What I loved most, and it really impressed me, was the honnest radical critics of the current statut quo, and more importantly, HOW these critics and analysis were done :

Studying powers, what creates all kinds of

@Zoey powers, their genesis, their partitioning, distribution, under the angle of view of the study of architectures, in its maximum extend meaning : Studying all kinds of architectures : States, corporations architectures, but also city's physical architectures, houses and flat architectures, urban architectures.

Their analysis are based on seeing politics and society through architectures, and this is according to me the most honnest and accurate approach I had never heard about.

@Zoey And it is funny because I came to the same conclusions regarding digital technologies.

My original, not common way of analysing and solving problems with digital systems, and it gave until now very good results far beyond my own hopes, slowly drifted over the last 10 years in studying their architectures.

Old crypto-anarchists used to say "code is law", crypto-anarchist situationists prefer to say, for many reasons, "architecture is law".

Seeing things through architectures.


Very, very bad idea...

I mean, I have no qualm with building an anticapitalist movement in tech which proactively collaborates with other movements of justice, but it's not to be confused with #FOSS.

Trying to preempt FOSS is not only dishonest, it's a strategic disaster in the making.

Again, building an anticapitalist movement inside FOSS and trying to explain to the rest of FOSS why we do it is something entirely fine, but not what is promoted here.

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