Does anyone here have experience with electronic music production?

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@Zoey oooo fun! feel free to DM me if u wanna connect ☺️

main tips i would give is try to focus on the basics as much as possible and stick to subtractive synthesis and your fav genres :D find a good synth like vital or helm to get comfortable in and use as many presets n sample packs u can to make it more fun. Also in the beginning youll b in tutorial hell try not to listen to advice like "all the pros do this" and try to be aware of what genre the tutorial maker mainly produces and how that will influence their tips n opinions

@ZoeyBee Sure I would like to, tahnk you for the tips

What does subtractive synthesis mean? And what DAW do you use? I downloaded ardour because I like open source

@Zoey ardour is great! i used it for many years :D subtractive synthesis is where you have a oscillator like sine triangle square saw etc and you run it through filters and effects. nothing fancy or complex but very versatile. the synth called helm and unfa's youtube tutorials is a good starting point

@ZoeyBee cool, that looks like what i need. Thank you i will look into it

@ZoeyBee Hmm, I am encountering a problem. It seems a youtube video cannot play while ardour is open

@Zoey ahh yes that is because you are running on ALSA and ardour is taking over everything. this is what JACK is for, i would reccomend downloading studio-controls and JACK2 then u can "bridge" pulseaudio to jack and everything will play nicely

@ZoeyBee thanks, i will try to make it work tomorrow

@ZoeyBee I tried some solutions found online but none of them worked. I run debian, what distro do you use?

@Zoey I do somewhat - check out though the quality of my stuff varies wildly ngl

also not sure if you mean electronic in the sense of the genre or just digital.

@Riedler I would the idea of my sound as something along the lines of dark techno. Though I will see (hear) what is the real result going to be. I just downloaded ardour DAW and I am looking for tips on how to start.

@Zoey sorry, I don't have a lot of advice regarding that. I hope you'll find someone else that can help you with that.

@Riedler no worries i already got some advice from ppl here. What software do you use?

@Zoey exclusively LMMS. (I run @LMMS fyi) It's not for everyone though, and the latest stable release of it is *ancient*. It suits my rather unconventional style of composing tough.

@Zoey I dabble, and there are plenty of musical artists here on the Fediverse. What did you want to ask?

@futzle I am just starting out, downloaded ardour DAW. Looking for beginner tips basically.

@Zoey I use different software but I’ll help if I can. Have you got hardware instruments, or you’re doing it all in software? Is there a kind of music you are interested in making?

@futzle @Zoey I use Ardour, i use it for recording my synths, cutting up audio, mixing and applying effects. I think there is a way to sequence synths from it, but it seems kinda janky as sequencing is not the main focus of the program.

There are other programs that are more focused on sequencing, and you can record the synths from them in Ardour.

Or you can try a more all-in-one workstation type DAW, LMMS is decent for that but thats the only free one i know of

@Zoey yep i use a mix of hardware synths and trackers mainly

@raeaw I understand hardware synths but what are trackers?

@Zoey it's a type of sequencer originally used for making music for old video games. The tracks are laid out in columns, played from top to bottom with hexadecimal codes defining each note.

@raeaw Sound cool! I love old video game soundtracks so it would be nice to get a taste of how they were made

@Zoey I have experience with electronic music destruction, maybe I can help??

@Zoey haven't produced anything for a while but @unfa produces music with all #FOSS software, so I highly recommend you check out some of his videos if you're interested in music production.

@Killab33z_OG @unfa thanks, looks cool! I like to see people who care about their free software

@liaizon How to begin. I am new to this, downloaded Ardour. I need to learn what should I learn basically

@Zoey Pretty sure many people at Fedi :fediverse: do. I personally really want to learn #orca , but I don't have a MIDI output and haven't figured how to virtualize/simulate one. =|

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