Community care and defense also means handling information with integrity.

Do not talk to Jeremy Lee Quinn and warn others against his podcast, "Uncovered Anarcast"

The far-right troll at the center of the 9/30/2020 New York Times crackerjacketing hit piece claiming "insurrectionary anarchists" were behind all the anti-police escalations over the summer Quinn is still landing interviews with anarchists on his podcast.

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Be advised he is threatening projects and individuals with doxxing and worse.
There is indication Quinn is reaching out to comrades in the Twin Cities.

He insists that he sympathizes with and wants to elevate anarchist organizing approaches. But he is attempting to exploit divisions among activists here, trying to coax disillusioned people into snitching on themselves and others as part of "setting the story straight."

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Please spread the word and avoid this person. Jeremy Lee Quinn's podcast is called "Uncovered Anarcast." Its format is completely reliant on the cooperation of attention-seekers and grievance-mongers, or simply those unconcerned with operational security. Don't fall for it!

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