Minneapolis encampment support/defense 

The city used to put sweep dates or "vacate by" dates on these notices but now they don't bc they prefer to ambush people who have nowhere else to go, keeping people in fear and uncertainty.

People who fuck with the lives of the poor have done so much fucking around and need a helluva lot more finding out.

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Minneapolis encampment support/defense 

A no trespassing notice has appeared at a Phillips neighborhood camp at 29th St and 14th Ave today, a relatively new camp with residents who've been swept time and again from other locations. These notices are usually precursors to eviction attempts, so the weekly camp defense breakfast will be there on Tuesday, coffee at 5am and breakfast sandwiches at 7am (via @/tcparkresponder on bird app)

You know what, politely calling your local news station when they run some bullshit about cops ODing on fentanyl is actually pretty easy and cool to do


Low bar, but this is one of the better articles on how proud boy/far right organizing in Portland grew into the attempted coup on January 6th


Payne: "I struggle to even say who was even held accountable in response to that era. We have all the main players either still in the city or retired... I don't have a clear line of accountability when I think about our response to the murder of George Floyd and the uprising."

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As a healthcare worker I find it insane how bosses are getting around Covid issues. I learned today someone I was in close contact with this weekend tested positive. I have a headache but if it is Covid (doubt it?) it’s likely too early for me to test positive yet my asshole boss gave me so much shit & guilt tripped me so hard that she had me go get an antigen home test from CVS to take tonight so I could come in tomorrow. I am NOT comfortable working with patients until I am positive I

the pro-copyright statist camp is as wrongheaded as the pro-NFT people. the difference is the nft side is already losing ground because that hype wave is floundering, meanwhile support for armed intervention against jpeg stealing through the state is status quo.

Hey Minneapolis, come to autonomous zine fest Sunday at powder horn park by the ball fields, I’ll be there hawkin (and giving away) a ton of cool shit

There’ll also be cpr and wound packing trainings/practice from freedom street health

1-5pm June 26

This is what happens when you try to eliminate GNC ppl from sports. This is the natural conclusion of gender bioessentialism.

"In 2012, runner Annet Negesa was forced by her athletics federation to either give up her running career or undergo an irreversible and invasive surgery to make her body more 'feminine' and lower her natural testosterone levels. Since her operation, she has had headaches, joint pain and depression, derailing her dreams."


#transrights #sports

Check out this awesome new artwork from Twin CIties Pride! It even lets you know what all the colors in the rainbow stand for!

Damn a lot of y'all coming over to kolektiva... 50+ new followers in the past day! Welcome, don't expect this to be a replica of bird app, but I think it's worth staying around <3 <3

Minneapolis encampment support/defense 

Minneapolis, like most major cities, has a war on the unhoused going on bc it's OK to camp out for Olivia Rodrigo tickets, but not when you're poor enough to have no safer option for a roof over yr head and yr stuff.

Last week 100+ cops and dozens of city fuckfaces came to evict 20 people from a camp at 5th and Lake. The longstanding Near North camp may be next. Can we build enough community that they'll need an even bigger army if they wanna evict?

Breakfast and short training session 7am at 203 Girard Ave N

At 5th & Lake they brought 100 cops for a dozen community defenders. What if we had 100 people out to say No More Sweeps?

If there's no eviction Tues morning, we'll collectively talk next steps over breakfast

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From Twin Cities Encampment Responders, https://twitter.ccom/TCparkresponder

With all MPLS camps facing threat of massive sweep operations in the wake of last week's MPD/Public Works shitshow at 5th&Lake, folks are calling for a mass defense Tues 4/26 at Near North camp. Come early to beat the possible piggie traffic jam - Coffee starting 5am

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