From southern Minnesota supporters of the indigenous-led fight against the pipeline in northern Minnesota (Dakota/Lakota and Ojibwe land), Northfield Against Line 3:

Straight talk:

If we mobilize 1K people to the state capitol - and peacefully hold the ground - there’s a real chance we could force a political crisis and .

Turn up on 8/25

Bring love. Bring outrage. Bring a tent.

Tell everyone.

[Deleted a post which improperly speculated on the cause of a person's death. Apologies to all, especially and with condolences to family and friends of the deceased comrade.]

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Fascists scream the loudest when they are deplatformed but thankfully radicals are ahead in building viable alternative platforms, with none of the fascists that still have the run of Twitter (and actually run Facebook).

Because we will increasingly face losing voice like this.

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And the proximate reason why it's important to be here:

Days after being tagged by an indispensable source of info on the skullduggery of police in Minneapolis, Whittier Cop Whatch, Twitter suspended Riot Muffin's account. (Follow her on Mastodon at @riotmuffin !)

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If a group resembles more closely a network of activists mobilizing for one another's different ideas across a grab-bag spectrum of issues, then you have to ask yourself, what sort of collective power are you building? What's the unifying political strategy behind the disparate things you're doing? Many issues relate to each other in fundamental ways, but are you successfully building those connections in the organizing?

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If you believe, for example, that the working class creates revolution through escalating cycles of struggle against capital or through ruptures of labor peace, then your activity as a group should probably focus on building militant workplace organization and the means to defend those bodies during times of heightened struggle when they face repression.

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From A Comrade:

One of the basic questions aspiring revolutionary groups have to ask is, "How do revolutionary changes come about?", and then ask if what they are doing is in line with their own beliefs about how revolutions happen.

We're back, and will try to be consistent posting here— it's important. Some MPLS updates from the past couple weeks:

- The excellent DocumentingMN (a project of ) provided a thread on Black August:

- A "radical and free meal program in so-called Minneapolis" has been serving meat and vegetarian food, support on Venmo: lunchbloc

- Workers Defense Alliance supported other orgs in reclaiming public space held by paramilitary security contractors.

Every story about the today & tmrw should include that the city of Minneapolis is using it as cover to threaten the destruction of the long-term unhoused community in Near North.

Minneapolis elites are united with Chauvin in their desire to exterminate our poor & bipoc neighbors.

When I'm feeling sad or sick or worried and ppl ask how they can help me, my best answer is usually:

Cause good trouble while I can't. Decorate the town, be good to yr friends & neighbors, do that thing you've been wanting to, burn shit in minecraft. Revolt.

Hey Minneapolis the anodyne language in this flyer hides a very real and immediate threat of extreme violence— throwing a community of two dozen people out of the stable home they have built on utterly vacant city-owned land into instability and true homelessness, enforced by the infamous police brutality of the MPD.

Please stand with us against this.

Updates coming soon to

Signal Boost: (904) 844 0976


A conversation with Vicky Osterweil, author of "In Defense of Looting: A Riotous History of Uncivil Action" (Bold Type Books, August 2020) on the book, the response, it's detractors, the process of writing the book, transitioning and many other topics!

"Are you with ACAB?" is an actual sentence that was said to me today

My dream therapist grows their own vegetables, has experienced homelessness, and agrees with me that property distruction is not violence.

The city of Minneapolis is starting to put up The Fencing and jersey barriers around all the government buildings and police stations here in prep for the Derek Chauvin (George Floyd's killer) trial.

I am once again asking the rebel alliance to concentrate attacks on the empire's forces in outlying solar systems where they are most vulnerable.

(photo by @/daviss on bird app)

Oh hi, made some art, please steal it for whatever purpose you wish (except for adding to my fbi file). Can't cage our rage. P.S. - don't legitimize free speech cages.

Kickass podcast rec 

If you're from so-called MN (and usually even if you're not) - check out the Money Power Land Solidarity (M.P.L.S.) podcast. Their latest ep is about our local Park Board's history of enabling segregationist real estate developers, and the white supremacist logic of the urban planners who launched the city park movement in the United States.

Plus they're apparently newly banned from twitter so you know it's spicy.


“When you expose people to violent environments, and the most violent environment in the U.S. on a per-capita basis is a jail/prison, it is much more likely that they are going to have picked up violent practices to survive,” said Flozell Daniels, the chief executive of the Foundation for Louisiana, who was the governor’s appointee to the state’s 2017 Justice Reinvestment Task Force. (Which has cut incarceration.)

(rest of the NYT article was kinda trash but that quotation is key)

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