This is a good week to make the signs in your neighborhood more eloquent.

Acquire plastic yard signs, stencil your message on them, drill holes in them, and follow the instructions in the diagram below.

For more like this:

With demos and letter-writing events happening all over marking the one year anniversary of the George Floyd rebellion, our In Contempt column brings us updates on those facing repression + who are in need of support. #GeorgeFloyd


A pretty banner in solidarity with the Palestinian and Colombian resistance was hung, and a noise demo took place on May Day. Read about both on

We spoke with María Kamila, in Bogotá, of Colectiva Subversión
about uprisings against police murder, general strike against the State's failure with covid under Duque & for indigenous dignity and sovereignty in #Colombia!

Transcription available in about a week

All out for MOVE on Thursday, May 13th - a day of remembrance to honor the 11 lives lost when Philly police dropped a bomb on the MOVE house in 1985.

5 pm @ Osage Ave. & Cobbs Creek Pkwy, Philadelphia, PA

MOVE Speakers.
March to Malcolm X Park
Community Altar
Oral History Station

Against another year of state encroachment, against the restriction of free movement under the auspices of “safety,” against the continued brutalization of our friends in prison, we call for a renewal of solidarity on June 11,

This Saturday a demonstration in solidarity with Palestinians resisting settler colonialism. 📸: @freepalestinephilly@instagram

Miss the great conversation about WHY WE FIGHT the other night? Here it is in all its video glory!

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Food distro at LAVA (4134 Lancaster Ave.) today at 3pm and Free Market this Saturday 5/8 from 9am- noon, too!

2 events this month!
see location info and links to readings after the links

Fredy Perlman - The Reproduction of Daily Life / Frere Dupont - On Marxist ideas of change

Sunday, May 23 1-3 PM EST

Lupus Dragonowl - Against Identity Politics

Sunday, May 16th 1-3 PM

We’re back on our bullshit! May 1st 7:30pm! Get your tickets on our website in the calendar section! ~ Online screening of Haymarket, a brand new feature length documentary followed by discussion with the director Adrian Prawica ~

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