Miss the great conversation about WHY WE FIGHT the other night? Here it is in all its video glory!

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Food distro at LAVA (4134 Lancaster Ave.) today at 3pm and Free Market this Saturday 5/8 from 9am- noon, too!

2 events this month!
see location info and links to readings after the links

Fredy Perlman - The Reproduction of Daily Life / Frere Dupont - On Marxist ideas of change

Sunday, May 23 1-3 PM EST


Lupus Dragonowl - Against Identity Politics

Sunday, May 16th 1-3 PM


We’re back on our bullshit! May 1st 7:30pm! Get your tickets on our website in the calendar section! ~ Online screening of Haymarket, a brand new feature length documentary followed by discussion with the director Adrian Prawica ~ woodenshoebooks.org/calendar.h

Did some things today. If you’re in the Philly metro area and feeding/clothing people and giving out harm reduction supplies and safe injection kits is your thing be sure to look into this. These amazing folks are doing what the state won’t by reaching people where they’re at and helping people live a little easier and a little longer as well.


We’re happy to announce the publication of a new zine 215 Rioters: Heroes Forever. This zine is a compilation of analyses and reports from the 2020 Walter Wallace uprising. The authors have revised their pieces and written an introduction to give context to their thoughts. Two anonymous action reports are also included to bring to light some less publicized aspects of the rebellion. As the police make it clear that they will continue to kill Black people it is our intention that these kinds of reflections and histories help us sharpen our struggle to free ourselves from the forces of anti-Blackness and social control.

Here & Now Zines

(DM us for the PDFs, hopefully soon to be hosted on some anarchist sites)

Anarchist Black Cross Fed.: **“I need to be around bees” by Eric King**

"I need to be around bees catching shade underneath tall trees. I need to feel their fuzzy feet walking all over my hands and knees I need to melt in the Sun feel it’s rays all day or even just once I need to make spider friends listen real close as it’s web spins I […]"


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Latest Anathema is out now:
Advances In State Repression
What Went Down
Local Repression Updates
Housing Struggle Questions
Dark Clothes Attract Heat
More Than A Three-Way Fight
To Attack Is Among My Instincts
325 Communique
Crow Song

A year after the George Floyd uprising, what has changed? And what can we learn from this?


An account from Minneapolis, discussing the past 48 hours of grieving and revolt in response to the police murdering Daunte Wright.


Police continue to kill. PPD here killed someone in the Logan neighborhood a couple days ago. In the suburbs of Minneapolis they killed 20 year old Duante Wright and people are rioting about it.

Join us Wednesday March 31st, 6:30pm on Jitsi (link will be shared the day of). We’ll be writing letters to self-defense Fran Thompson!

We'll also encourage sending birthday cards to Mumia Abu-Jamal!


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