Nonsense dream, violence 

When I'm processing stuff in dreams, my brain is not subtle. I'll leave it to you to guess the kind of books I've been reading:

I had a dream last night that Plato was an immortal techno-god-king. He forced a teacher to publicly debate a wolf on the best way to educate a child. The teacher refused on the grounds that the wolf couldn't understand his argument anyway. The king beheaded with teacher (with a laser) and declared the wolf the winner because it didn't quit.

existential terror, infinite bears, nonsense 

"Some days you eat the bear. Some days the bear eats you."

There's a nonzero chance of being eaten by a bear on any given day. In an infinite multiverse, today is always the day some instance of you gets eaten by a bear.

WiscoChris boosted Episode 2! Happy new moon!
mild trigger warning for discussion of body shame towards the end of the episode. We're two white folks talking about money and privilege so, we might get pretty corny. Love y'all.

police violence 

Slogan rating!

"Reimagine the Police"

Open your imagination to all policing-related possibilities, except the one where we stop giving them money to hurt people. Maybe give them money to hurt people AND a SWer sidekick to deflect blame?? So many possibilities.
Rating: 1/10

The artists you love have flesh. You have money. The solution is simple.

Dancing is just music that's trapped in your body and I'm very upset about it

Existence is just a complicated viral marketing campaign to sell everyone karmaβ„’.

I like to imagine my brain like hundreds of musicians crowded into an auditorium all performing at once. Orchestras, choirs, rock bands, someone off in a corner with a lute--all just having a good time and mostly doing their own thing. It's usually a mess and you can only hear the loudest performance, but sometimes they start vibing and for a few minutes it's all one melody.

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