Just outside Memphis Tennessee police tried to engage in a traffic stop on Brandon Calloway for running a stop sign. When he failed to stop and went home, police followed and kicked in his door with guns drawn. What followed was a brutal assault against this man.

In the video, we can see the police assaulting and brutalizing a man who is not resisting or offering any kind of justification for being beaten with clubs and having guns aimed at them. At the end of the video, we can even see one officer standing on the back of his head.

Process that for a moment. They had a man handcuffed on the ground, bleeding and brutalized, and they still decide to stand on the back of his head with guns drawn on him.

Tennessee authorities have opened an "investigation" into the event. But we all know how that will go.

Graphic violence 

Black lives still matter in America. This is why we continue to push back and fight to hold police and those entrusted in public safety accountable. Running from police is no justification for this, least of all for a traffic stop.

Graphic violence 

@WhiteRoseWillametteValley fuck those pigs, hope the cops all choke


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