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🚨 Port Townsend, WA 🚨

TW: Transphobia

Call to action: show up in solidarity Monday 8/15/22 for a trans woman in Port Townsend being harassed (including death threats) on an *international* scale after an transphobe verbally attacked her at her job at a YMCA pool.

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Molalla Pride! Molalla Pride!
I’m so excited they’re doing it again 🌈

Going forward, the fight against fascism is going to be less in the streets and more in school boards and city councils. We need more people to attend these meetings, speak up, and silence the voices of hate in their communities.

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Adult members of anti-education group @skwestand appear to be plotting a violent response to students who attend school board meetings & disagree with them. @salemkeizer

Today we honor Heather Heyer, who lost her life 5 years ago during the neo-nazi "Unite The Right" march in Charlottesville when a coward drove their car through the peaceful protesters and took her from her family and loved ones. Think about those we've lost today & still with us

Another point worth emphasizing is that these are children whom have been targeted, harassed, doxxed and assaulted by fully grown adults because they want safety and accountability within their schools. A point not brought up once in this report.

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What you have done, KGW, is put forward one side of an issue and without bothering to do a bit of research or verification chosen to vilify those fighting to make a change for all students and not just those of a certain color or social status. Do better.

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There were also a number of parents who made the claim that our friends "followed them to their cars and took pictures and harassed them" this is an outright lie. There have been numerous incidents where our friends were harassed or outright attacked at or after meetings.

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White supremacy is not strictly rooted in the swastika or wearing a white robe and hood, it's in the actions they take and the patriarchal hierarchy which they uphold as well as the lack of care for concerns of students of color within their schools.

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Connections such as Marty Heyen's connection to the III% militia, or Bethell's platforming of like groups and vocalized support of far right agendas. This is what they mean when groups like LUS or ourselves say they are vocal white supremacists.

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Recently @KGWNews released a broadcast in which they spoke on the events surrounding the SKSD board meeting with wildly inaccurate and slanderous information. They chose to platform individuals with clear and defined connections to extremist groups, without an bit of research.

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Former Proud Boy, Casey James Knuteson, has been identified as leader of Neo-Nazi group "Rose City Nationalist" who did banner drop in SW Portland yesterday. twitter.com/RoseCityAntifa/sta

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Oregon: This November, there'll be an extremely strict gun-control initiative on the ballot.

Ordinarily, I'd be all for this!

But after reading the text of the initiative closely, I have concluded that it is a BAD IDEA and you should vote AGAINST it. A short 🧵:

If you're free today, get to court room 3 at 2 PM at the Injustice Center in Portland. Stand in support and solidarity with Sean's family and those who love them as they fight for justice for a fallen comrade.

Justice was denied for far too long for our well loved comrade's murder on the streets of Portland, our thoughts are with everyone who knew and loves them. Their memory lives on, and hopefully some justice is delivered for them now that the police have finally taken action.
Anarchist Sean Kealiher AKA Armeanio was murdered just past midnight on October 12, 2019, by a group of men driving a silver SUV. These men intentiona…

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Attention Oregonians! This November, our ballots will contain a gun control measure that will ban standard capacity magazines greater than 10 rounds, and create a permit system controlled by the police to limit who can and cannot arm themselves. Here's what you can do: 1/?🧵

Legislators: "We're in a recession, we're all broke and struggling. So sorry you can't afford groceries or medicine right now."

Also legislators: "Ukraine needs money and guns. WRITE THAT CHECK!!!"

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Located at the Sunrise Center (18901 E Burnside Street), our cooling shelter will be open at all hours of the day, through Thursday at least. There will be air conditioning, food & water, and our shower trucks will be provide hygiene & cooling services, and donated clothing.

If socialism is a doomed to fail social system, why is it such a threat to American idealism that the US government goes out of their way to sabotage socialist nations rather than letting them fail on their own?

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