I'm going to be hosting tomorrow and Saturday. It's great to be back in the game.

Should I start a music career to go alongside my sex work and porn? It's all entertainment right?

I've got an avnstars set up. Support your favourite sex workers!

If you're queer and want access to my private frisk but can't afford it, HMU for a free code.

I'm currently seeking to find a co-star for my fansite. they need to be in my covid bubble.

sex is cultural, it reflects ourselves and our society. sex work is cultural, the commodification of our bodies under capitalism makes sex work manifest as the sale of a service, without capitalism sex work will be like performance art.

It's not a revolution if I can't fuck.

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So Mastodon, I heard you’ll are onto lesbians wearing flannel, hmm 😏?
Well, look at that! I posted a new lingerie set on OnlyFans that should appeal to all the ladies out there 😉.
Why won’t you go check it out?


#photography #lingerie #OnlyFans

Looks like I'll be falling short financially in a few months. Not sure where I spent the money.

Debating cutting corners to find a dick actor who's willing to take a small cut of the profits if I can't start finding fans sooner than later.

Being an anti-capitalist and a transgender sex worker makes for an interesting perspective on life.


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