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Please listen to me talking on @coffeewithcomrades about the awfulness that is psychiatry, why it should be abolished, and what we can cultivate in its ruins!

If you are questioning whether it is OK to feed a starving baby because they were born on the wrong side of an imaginary line, YOU ARE STILL QUESTIONING WHETHER TO FEED A STARVING INFANT and are therefore, by definition, a fucking monster

I remain perennially fascinated by how Leftists seek to create a more horizontally-organized society by attempting to rank each other based upon who is more committed to horizontality

The funny part being that everyone who plays this game loses.

The sad part being that so do the rest of us


So imagine a future in which a blood test determines you are at risk for suicide, and therefore the State/Psychiatric system, "for your safety, " involuntarily hospitalizes you and will not release you until and unless you agree to a course of treatment, including medication

The only missing part of this dystopia is the blood test. And they are working on it

Welcome to carceral biological determinism

My best friend's kitty is in need of medication that costs $8k to survive. The med is not FDA approved so insurance doesn't cover it.

The internet likes cats, right? I know we're all strapped for cash, but if you could throw in to help this little fella survive, it'd be a huge deal. Please support and/or boost if you can

My financial situation isn't getting any better.
I'm 300€ overdrawn and my electricity and phone bill didn't go through. Not to mention my 2.700€ electricity bill for the 2021 year my electricity agency didn't take monthly. I'm on sickleave since last October due to my burn out and I'm getting paid much less, I barely eat because I'd rather buy food for my pidges but it's starting to have huge impacts on my (mental) health. 😔
My PayPal is

Thank you 🙏🏼

Payton Gendron was not 'mentally ill.' That's an insult to mad people

He's just a white guy, doing what white guys have done in this land since we started showing up here. Ain't nothing shocking about it

This is America. This what we do, here

A reminder: the high cost of living is the result of (a) an imperialist war, (b) dependence on oil and monocropped wheat, (c) corporate war/pestilence profiteering

They are about to come for us in a major way, poor- and working people

Prepare for a new offensive in the class war. They are coming for the freedom you clawed back -- don't let them have it

Please listen to me talking on @coffeewithcomrades about the awfulness that is psychiatry, why it should be abolished, and what we can cultivate in its ruins!

"You have observed that we lack judges. What is the reason for that? Well, we never bring lawsuits against one another. And why do we never bring lawsuits? Well, because we made a decision neither to accept or make use of money. And why do we refuse to allow money into our communities? The reason is this: we are determined not to have laws -- because, since the world was a world, our ancestors have been able to live contentedly without them."

-- Kandiaronk, Huron Chief and Diplomat

"Freedom from debt" is maybe the most powerful and common delusions of the modern world.

It does not exist; we all know it doesn't exist; but we all chase it anyway

I will admit to having said this numerous times myself and now deeply regretting it, but the claim that people who use substances "stop growing emotionally" when they begin using is deeply offensive, unfounded, and given the history of Prohibition, racist as fuck

#mastoadmin tip for ya'll. when you're doing a #fediblock of just block as mastodon will also block all of it's subdomains.



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