I'm just surprised nobody thought of it sooner. 🤷‍♀️

Alt text: a photo of the G20 welcome to hell protest in Hamburg with a smug emoji and a cake added in. The cake has been edited to read "I have to be the most fuckable identically dressed anarchist at the 8000 person G20 summit black bloc for some reason."

And by future I mean us like 6 months from now.

Alt text: a picture of a robot police dog and Paul the police airplane from super wings with the text "anarchists from the future be like ARCAB All Robot Police Are Bastards especially whatever bastard robot cop your bastard uncle pilots for a living."

Getting old sucks

ALT TEXT: Younger person helping older person with a walker meme template with Emoji Cat on the older person. Emoji Cat says "I used to be ready to mobilize at the drop of a hat and would go to any right wing gathering within 1000 miles of my city ready to fight organized white supremacists in the streets". The younger person says "sure 30 something washed up meme page admin. Let's get you to bed."

Feel good machine bronk. Press like button, make dopamine happen in my brain.

Alt text: emoji cat smashing a coffee shop window with the text "Direct action gets the goods? Damn in literally just tryin to get some motherfuckin dopamine." With a dopamine molecule 3d model


Alt text. A plate of pasta labeled fettuccine alfredo. Alfredo Bonnano labeled Alfredo Bonnano. A mashup of pasta and Alfredo Bonnano's features labeled Fettuccine Alfredo Bonnano saying "By abolishing the ethic of pasta you enter the revolutionary noodle directly".

Ok hear me out. It's a grind band where every track is just a recording of somebody cutting through hostile architecture armrests with an angle grinder but we add screaming and blast beats. Get it? Cause the tool is called an angle grinder and grind is a genre of music? Am I funny? Anyway hire me to make your next album cover.

Alt text: Black and white photo of a park bench with the text "Angle Grinder obliterate hostile architecture" stylized to look like a grind album

In the midst of a national-wide rebellion, people squatted dozens of homes and set up barricades to defend homeless encampments in #Philadelphia. In the end, the city handed over 75 vacant homes. We talked to @PhlHousing about how it all went down. itsgoingdown.org/squatting-reb

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/IGD_News/st#bot]


Alt text: A clip art trashcan and stock photo of a freegan with the text "oh you're a freegan? Well then... name every dumpster."

Show this meme to your conservative uncle.

Alt text: a painting of the titanic sinking with Ted Cruz alone in a lifeboat with his bag packed and the text "The rich don't give a fuck about you".


Alt text: emoji cat hovers near a couch in a stock photo room with "Burn Smash Steal" written on the wall. A speech bubble is near xir mouth. Xe says "This pandemic sucks, I miss my friends."

Anyone want to trade me their sewing machine for a custom original painting? Here's my portfolio: goaskforde.com

Boosts welcome + appreciated (:

Y'all I'm really into owls now.

Alt text: various owls in the night sky with the text "Antifascist owl says: swallow your enemy's body whole, vomit their hair and bones out in a singular pellet." With a picture of an owl pellet containing a human skull wearing a nazi officer's hat.

Hint: the answer is something totally fuckin awesome.

Alt text: a cheesy American background with the text "WWLCD? What Would Leon Czolgosz Do? Happy presidents day."

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Also anyone who wants to join a nsfw antifa slut signal group chat can private message me🤷‍♀️

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You can find me in the antifa slut bloc😏

ALT TEXT: An antifascist action logo edited to say antifascist slut bloc with suggestive silhouettes instead of flags

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