Just over a week ago in so-called Plymouth MA, this year’s Day of Mourning march was full of powerful speeches by my friends at United American Indians of New England and North American Indian Center of Boston for one the largest ever crowds

This photo shows my back to the camera and the march approaching in the background.

More from this album can be found at jonesriver.smugmug.com

Mahtowin / UAINE and NAICOB can be found on your usual social networks

A hero among settlers, Abolitionist John Brown was executed by the state of Virginia on December 2, 1859

Fascists return to Boston Sunday 11/7 

Fascists are returning to this Sunday 11/7 . The same folks who brought the β€œstraight pride parade” and last year’s disaster in Copley Square. We need all out to stop them. Correction/ update to this: fash moved their event to 11am so counter protesters are meeting at 10:30 ✊

Mutual aid request for a comrade 

for a trusted comrade and their family to make rent. My comrade has done a lot to fight racism and fascism in and outside of Boston and has dealt with legal difficulties since he was attacked by cops after targeted by SHFA and others at a a fascist gathering we counter protested. Anything helps. Thanks, comrades!

Palestine social media storm 

social media storm starting at 1pm Eastern in solidarity with the 6 Palestinian human rights groups Israel recently designated as terrorists

Join United American Indians of New England on 11/25/01 in Plymouth or via livestream for this year’s Day of Mourning

Land Back Park 

At an energetic march for so-called Boston’s first official Indigenous Peoples Day this Saturday, United American of New England demanded the changing of the waterfront’s Columbus Park so someone went ahead and did just that.

Land Back Park sounds much better, don’t you think?

Afters years of struggle , including assaults on elders, has celebrated its last Columbus Day and now officially recognizes the 2nd Monday of October as !


I am looking forward to a celebratory march on Saturday and my role of protecting Indigenous leadership from those who would rather celebrate genocide ✊🏼

Happy to all my friends , comrades and everyone in the . I’m so glad you’re here, making the world a better place

Cancel Canada Day action in Boston 

I’m helping my friends in NAICOB ( North American Indian Center of Boston) and UAINE ( United American Indians of New England ) with this action in Boston on Thursday in solidarity with residential school survivors across Turtle Island and to honor those we’ve lost.

β€œ demands the Canadian government, the Catholic Church & all other guilty parties reconcile with their part in committing genocide β€œ from their social media

HBD to The Thing & Blade Runner 

Both The Thing & Blade Runner premiered in theaters 39 years ago today, June 25, 1982 . What an amazing double feature

More graves of First Nations children discovered 

Prepare for more β€œdiscoveries” of this truth that has always been known

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Mastodon app in beta 

Currently beta-testing the official Mastodon app ! Anyone else using this?

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