Someone said “Will Smith slapping Chris Rock stayed in the news cycle longer than 10 people getting slaughtered at a supermarket.”

I said “Standard procedure. When it’s nothing to do with whiteness, they make it about whiteness. When it’s everything to do with whiteness, they do everything they can to distance the incident from whiteness.”

The Tech Sector took a beating, because they were to greedy, and corrupted.

Yet they blame their "Woke" customers

The Retail sector is taking a beating because their too greedy, and they made food to expensive.

Yet they blame "Inflation"

The Housing market is slowing down, because their too greedy, and priced everyone out of shelter.

Yet they blame "Stingy Mellenials"

The market is crashing because they got too greedy.

Yet they blame "Stimulus checks"

And still, we're drowning in debt

This hospital is beyond the point of needing to be shut down
It’s just not functioning, not safe, not healthy for anybody

Tryna turn these temporary highs into a plateau of feel goodishness

“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings.”

— Nelson Mandela

Looks like I might be over here a lot more if EdgeOverLord Elon buys Twitter and molds it in his image

had a dream i met with pusha t, jay z, and p diddy (legal name p humidity) for dinner but when there was a break in conversation i tried to do push's ad lib and my voice cracked

dinner promptly ended after mr. humidity gave my mom a puff (lol) of his cigar and told me my mixdown job was garbage

my mom doesn't smoke lol

Fortune favours the brave is either some bogus capitalist invented shit or it was invented by somebody and co-opted by capitalists to say aye we gets money because we make bold decisions and do dope shit and you don’t

Rich men giving speeches at fancy charity dinners : Everything I’ve done I’ve done for my children…and to starve yours

If the richest ppl on earth fucked off to Mars & took all their money with em the world would not collapse because they aren’t doing essential things and most of their wealth is tied up in stocks & speculation rather than money that does actual work for the society

"We live in capitalism, its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings."
-Ursula K. Guin

Remember that day when folks were all pressed about Mark Zuckerberg “losing” $7 billion in a day?
He “lost” it but nobody else gained it Where did it go?
Couch cushions?
Shit fake man
They just taking the piss now

American media just pure spin
If they tell you something is X then it’s likely Y
And the rest of the world’s media has learnt from them
A word or phrase will have its entire meaning changed in less than 2 cycles of the 24 hour news cycle

When we talk about the spread of mis- or even dis- information on the internet, the presence of false or deliberately misleading info is nothing new. Web 1 was rife with it. What changed is the audience's susceptibility, and that changed in part because the internet (rather than specific sources on the Web) had come to be seen as a viable source of mostly reliable info.

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Tesla is just another Enron except the govt won’t ever let the scam crumble cuz they’re in the business of propping these things up nowadays

Nobody ever asks if rich people’s children need inspiration to “get up & go to work” even tho they ultimately go on to inherit & run the family businesses having already automatically received more in inheritance & other benefits just by their mere birth than any person who would benefit from the “handouts” of universal basic income
They tell us if ppl are given money or aid they’ll have no incentive to work
But a section of society already getting alotta free money that nobody questions

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