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"We can hold them accountable when we get them in office and push them left!"

No, you see we are holding them accountable right now. This very instant, by withholding our votes.

And their showing they are unwilling to be accountable. In fact, their showing they'll stage a hostage situation to pressure you into voting.

So, pardon me if I don't buy their horseshit. It's whatever anymore, I vote for the activist doing Direct Action. Because OUR hands are ultimately going to fix this mess.

Anarchist Library: **CrimethInc. - The Siege of the Third Precinct in Minneapolis**

"Author: CrimethInc.Title: The Siege of the Third Precinct in MinneapolisSubtitle: An Account and AnalysisDate: 2020-06-10Source: Retrieved on 2020-10-01 from"

#anarchism #bot

Remember that the same people crying foul, over wishing president Trump dead.

Have said mysogynistic slurs against AOC. They have threatened to rape Greta Thunberg, they have made anti-semetic insults against Bernie Sanders.
They have attacked every single political figure, that's to left of Hitler, with upmost disgusting rhetoric.

But now their God is ailing in his death bed? And we're supposed to be polite?!

They showed humanity no compassion, as such we shall show them no mercy...

The moral high ground is worthless if at the expense of total obliteration. History will not applaud you in your unmarked grave.

Praying for Hitler to make a speedy recovery at the hospital. Does not make you a better person, and is not the high ground. And honestly, it just makes you look like a fascist apologist, because that's literally what it is.

This is what you look like right now liberals. I think the 200k people who can't speak because of his actions, as they gasped for breath on a ventilator. Would love to see that bastard slowly choke to death.


@SlaytheSystem was recently unpublished on fb. We will be moving operations over here. Follow for agiprop and other shenanigans

Facebook unpublished us LMFAO 🤣🤣🤣

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