Liberals in America need to stop identifying with that label.

Internationally, you are nowhere near that Ideology.

Historically for America, you don't want to be that ideology.

Currently in America, it isn't even an Ideology.

You are just a privileged conservative, who's ultimately unaffected by systemic oppression, and follows popular Idolization, and has no sense of solidarity.

Oh but Trump bad, right, that's the olny issue to you?

I am in so much rage this week having to do remote learning for a 5 year old. Because a whole political party has brain worms, and can't rationalize that most viruses don't act like chicken pox, and stay dormant for months until conditions are right.

I get you don't know everything about epidemiology. Shit the most I ever got was in high school, during the Iraq war. But even then, Anthrax was used as a spreader example, and we were literally given doomsday instructions. On how to quarentine.

"So how do we unify the country?"

I'm going to stop you right now, you can't.

The more you talk to facist cultists, the more you spread their ideology. It is impossible to debate fairy tales, and that's their advantage.

You can only destroy the state apparatus, to prevent them from rising to power again.

Fascism needs a state to get elected into power. Because fascism is representative democracy.

If you don't think that 2020, you know a year full of:

Catastrophic Wildfires
Working class genocide
Systemic collapse
Federal agent abductions
Government malfeasance
Democratic rigging
Political Cults
Affrontal fascism

Isn't the worst year for everyone alive? Guess what, you have stockholm Syndrome, or are a very priviledged narcissist.

2021 is going to bring you to your knees.

The literal worst thing as a leftist you can do at the moment. Is let up steam.

You rotate shifts with your collective and organizations to spool up prop. And battle counterevolutionary arguments from liberals.

We desperately need ground reporters to document, and show. That BLM is still out there and alive.

We desperately need mutual aide networks set up for when resources run out. And when people get evicted on Dec 31st.

We more than ever, need to keep the message flowing.

Every single day when you try and find those right words to spark a revolution.

And turns into arguing for a Revolution.

It turns into speeches everyday, that preach the soul of Revolution.

And turns into educating the masses of, how to do a Revolution.

And becomes a culture of Revolution.

And so on, so forth, we all march towards a Revolution.

Never stop speaking of the Revolution.

Everyone is listening.....

While this is the most obvious among Trump's base with their denial of the election results. This same charge is often leveled against leftists by liberals, if we are critical of anyone with a "D" after their name. "Do you want the Republicans to win?" "We have to focus on the next election." "You sound like a Republican." Anyone who has dared criticize an establishment Democrat has heard these phrases a thousand times over.

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We chase the words of dead philosophers

And live in dread, of God's that promise salvation at the end

We forget we are another creature, that lives to keep our family's fed

This sword I raise, it is but a loaf of bread

It fills the stomach
Warms the heart
And clears the head

Corporate platforms are starting to favor DNC content. In response to the shift of social dynamics of the election.

They are suppressing Black Liberation, Anti Fascist, and communist, anarchist content. By punishing the content creators with algorithmic reach.

It is not a viable option to simply ride it out. Communication is the forefront of upholding NeoLiberal Hegemony. We must have different tactics to keep the information from the left flowing. Or we risk losing momentum....

Many things are coming, that are horrific enough to keep the Revolutionairy momentum going.

But we must be the light of hope that becons through the Media Hegemony, that hold the world complacent.

We must not let them control the narrative, you have to reach every soul. Or we will lose our hearts.

Oh hey, hi, don't mind me....

I just wanted to pop in and remind you.

Rent protections expire on December 31st. And people will owe from March- January.....

But damn, is this a tasty brunch.

"So Joe Biden isn't able to grow over time and have different views. And can't atone for the mistakes of his past? Then I guess every politician is subjected to that"

Yes your absolutely right, every single politician has been complicit in:

Systemic Racism
Concentration camps
Mishandling a pandemic
Climate inaction
(This is just the top 5)

All of them need to stand before the ICC, and be prosecuted. Because if well let atrocities go unchallenged, then atrocities will persist.

Donald Trump doesn't have to be competent in staging a coup....

We have whole entire government agencies, that literally plan coups....

Howdy! Lot's of new folks coming in today so in case you need a primer on how to use this platform here's a short little explainer. And welcome!

I wrote an article about this server for Mic. :)

“The fact that we can run our own Mastodon server and never be kicked out, like what recently happened to [anarchist news site] It's Going Down and others on Facebook, and still be part of this larger constellation of Mastodon servers, or Fediverse, is a very anarchist vision of what the world should look like. Small self-governing communities or affinity groups, united but decentralized.”

I don’t know how many times I need to say it to folks, but you cannot be pro-lgbtq and pro-cop. The two are incompatible and to deny as much is to ignore our very history.

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