What even is adulthood?

Biologically, turning 24 and ceasing growth?

Economically, turning 18 and ready to be exploited in the workplace, or kill in a war?

Sociologically, having to kill all your interests, and replace them. With drab, unexciting, bland, tasteless doldrum. Or you'll forever be economically locked out of any opportunity, for expressing yourself.

Adulthood is bullshit, don't ever grow up.
Grow your interests, and never lose yourself.

@malerbabomba @SlaytheSystem I'm not sure but I think you can get it back if you try and give it some time to come back!

@testoceratops I'd need a full sabbatical to MAYBE rise again, and after 12 years of work life, it's not that easy. @SlaytheSystem

@malerbabomba @SlaytheSystem I'm really sorry, I hope you'll get some time for yourself and your hobbies tho!

@testoceratops :blobheart: @SlaytheSystem

Indeed my dream "job" is actually to become a "professional" tree planter.

@SlaytheSystem Thanks for putting that so well into words. I tend to not consider myself an adult because of that (and other things, like: I don’t want to stop doing things because they’re supposedly «childish», especially regarding stims)

@SlaytheSystem This feels like the kind of advice that you can really just follow safely if you're already super privileged/lucky. You say it yourself, "[or] you'll forever be economically locked out of any opportunity, for expressing yourself", cause if you aren't born rich or don't already have a foot in the door of a well-paying industry following it is just... kind of a bad idea

@hazelnot @SlaytheSystem true, but that itself only applies in the middle region

if you're *so* under-privileged society economically locks you out no matter what you do, it doesn't *let* you erase your soul for money x'D

(which is me, to be sure. I hope I never have to use a pineapple can and propane torch for a toilet again X3 )

@SlaytheSystem I never got into the "adult" thing. I used to think I was broken because I'm in my 30s and am honestly still a kid, but I've also SEEN how adults behave & get up to, and gosh, it looks dreadful for the most part.

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