Canvasers are just door to door, oligarchy salespeople....

"Would you like to vote for the NeoLiberalism package? Our candidates were always friends with the KKK."

Their trying to kill us off either way with poverty, police, and concentration camps.

One has a better PR team, the other is blatent about it.

Stop using BIPOC, indiginous, disabled, and the LGBTQSIAP+. To sell us your shitty candidates that caused this bullshit in the first place.

We're done with this system, fuck off, and we'll be here when you finally run out of twisted logic to hide behind.

I'm going to go set up some mutual aide networks, the real work.

You don't have to vote for a candidate, but you can vote for local propositions. Those are what make actually help buffer the community directly from Fascism. And help you organize more effectively.

This toot was not meant for any shitlib to post the "Both?" Gif. Wich we know it's vote shaming organized propaganda.

Oh and fuck your White Supremacist candidates. Bolth of them....

It's not simply enough we can critique every angle of modern Capitalism.

We must provide the alternative vision of post scarcity

It's not simply enough to critique the Bourgeoisie Democracy.

We must provide the Alternative vision of an Anarchist Federation.

In order to destroy Fascism, you have to destroy the illusion that it is necessary...

You cannot stop collapse by voting, you can olny stop it by complete systemic replacement.

But I don't feel liberals are getting this concept, that was laid out as a foreboding by every historian.

Those who get in the way of inevitable Revolution. Are complicit with the facists, and are accelerating us into the depths of hell.....

*conch sounds in background"
All praise high girl boss Kamala!
*Sounds of seashells clanking*
Despite our best warnings, the virus too the lives of the trumpers, today we morn. But we, defeated the socialists at all costs!
Crowd:👏 Yasssssss👏 queen 👏
Kamala: Let us dine on Brunch!
Crowd: *seashells clacking"

*Conch sounds in background*

This is the collapse scenario liberals want...

It doesn't matter who you vote for, honestly it's so rigged you don't even have a say. You can even not vote for a pres nom, that is your right.

But you can vote for a better society by showing up in the streets. By mutual aide, by community defense, by Unions, and the list goes on and on.

What really matters, is the hands you use to vote, can also fix society directly, with your actions.

I've been voting my whole life, and all the issues I want fixed. Olny get worse.....

I dont want to root for a deadly virus that harms us all...but if it wants to take out a few fascists then I can't argue

The details of Facebook banning Q, is that Militarized Social Movements are also bound to this.

That's the guidance that they used to kick Anarchist media off their platform. As consequence and assuredly a sore spot. This sever was started by those anarchist affected media outlets, as well as this Profile.

It's time to face it, the continuation of this movement hinges on Decentralized platforms. Not olny for your safety, they are arresting activists over memes. But for the movement....

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