"Obama on Daunte Wrights death: 'We must reimagine policing'"

Where the fuck was that when Occupy Protesters we're hosed down with mace?

Where the fuck was that when Furgeson happened in 2014?

Where the fuck was that at Standing Rock?

Where in the entire fuck was that when you let Joe Biden militarize the police?

You knew damn beat your entire presidency and you did Jack fucking shit about it. And 4 years after your term, you have the fucking audacity to say anything about it?

**blows into harmonica**


Fightin Fash is what we do

Stomp em, mince em, make em stew

If they holler, shut them up

Fascists are disgusting Blokes!

Cops are still running around like Klanboys, and blasting unarmed Black people.

And BLM has been protesting this shit since 2014, so don't even act like this a Trump issue. Or that this just started happening.

You know who opened the can of worms with police brutality?

Joe Fucking Biden

So when I stand with BLM, your goddamn fucking right I stand against that miserable racist dogshit you call a president.

He's had 50 years of politics, this is his fucking nightmare he started. He outta time

"Meant to grab a taser..."

Give me a fucking break! I watch enough videos the past 4 years of cops blasting unarmed people on the sidewalk, and in their cars.

And why, why the fuck would you need to taser an unarmed Black person in a car, in the first place? Over a goddamn air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror?

Get fucked with your fake AF justification for bastard cop, committing cold blooded murder

Dear liberals

We never stopped.....

And we won't

It's your choice to join us

Or we'll fight you as well

Don't be surprised

We've been fighting Joe Bidens policies

This whole damn time.........

Have we ever considered that were still in the:

Tump administration, but with Biden characteristics?

It's easy to fall into nihillistic post Leftism. I see why, we literally use BigMacs as a cost of living comparison.

I stay out of post Leftism, because the world I dream. Is going to rise from the ashes.

Will you follow us, when you can't reconcile your world anymore?

Baby Boomers need political dramas on TV, because their era of Civility. That intentionally made politics a boring affair.

Mellenials just need to Google Mat Gaetz...

I shit on your infrastructure plan

You couldn't even agree to the Green New Deal.

You could barely give us a pissant $1400 stimy.

And we're pretty sure you'll break off money to put more kids in cages.

Get fucked

Hey I know it's cool following and sharing these memes on social media.

But this where the work starts, to help get you interested and involved.

The real work, you know what you see in those cool protest videos. It starts by joining an organization, developing bonds with your community. And reaching out to its needs with mutual aide.

Join an organization today, to see how you can get involved!

Conservatives have always pitched a fit about media.

Shit they used to pitch a fit about exposed ankles.

Anything that challenges their notion of god, and decency update them.

All these "cancel" battles have been going on for literal centuries, and none of them are genuinely new issues.

I haven't given up on the Revolution because of an asinine nihillistic conjecture.

I just reimagine what it looks like based upon the Material, and Social conditions.

You better believe allot of people are depending on us to help them grow into a new reality.

Browsing around comment sections of Joe Bidens 2024 bid for **shudders** reelection.

It's unsettling apparent Trump supporters get we're going through social collapse.

And liberals sound exactly like Trump supporters did.

Joe Biden is literally the white supremacist authoritarian NeoLiberal we said he would be. And he's not even hiding it, and ramping up right out of the gate.

You should be glad we're economically, and socially collapsing. He didn't have the competencies to deal with that.

If you don't want it to be this way, then March fourth and organize a revolt to stop it.

You could never compel leftists into action with memes, we are too invested in using them as communicative of ideals. And we're to analytical to act at whim.

But I could olny arrive at this conclusion with biasing this off the one faction that does compel action with memes. The Boogs, they are too brazen, and act impulsively. Wich is definitely going to be their downfall, and something the counterpropagandi agents should consider.

Biden is now blaming the Trump admin for not responding, and making more camps for the child surge at the border....

Bullshit Joe! You made the goddamn camps, you lied to us about getting rid of the camps. And your solution is to make more camps?

Fuck outta here with that bullshit! Get rid of ICE now! Stop imperialising South America now! And start making fucking apartments with care workers to help these people escape OUR fucking bullshit NOW!

I would more than love the Liberal utopianism where we could get rid of weapons. But they dreamed that up as hippies, during a time that racism, worker exploitation, war, police brutality, and fascism. We're not at the levels they are today.

Instead the dreamers of that image, stabbed it in the back, and voted for Trump.

You need to wake up to reality, and start arming BIPOC, and the Trans community. Or else your encouraging a white supremacists police state.

All you even have to say as a Leftist, is that 150 million people voted for a white supremacist.

I don't want to abide by the gun, but the gun abide by me.

And when that sinks in, you'll finally realize we are back to the Wild West.

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