On Aug 8th, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory achieved a self sustaining nuclear fusion ignition.

It has been a longing in my life to finally see this day.

I hope it's not too late, and we have a little more time.

This could be the pivot point in energy Imperialism, and climate change.

If you don't think you'll starve like me

Son you can't eat money

If you don't think you'll thirst like me

Son you can't drink money

If you think you won't catch the disease like me

Son plauge don't accept money

I really wish you would, and I really wish we could.

Because St Peter don't accept money

What do you really have to gain from getting in between the alt-right and the Federal Government?

Honestly let them have at each other.

Maybe they can get a taste of what we went through in the summer of 2020. When Trump deployed the DOJ against George Floyd protesters.

Or did you already forget the secret kidnappings, the guns stuffed in peaceful protesters faces. Did you already forget the clouds of gas, or the brutal beatings.

Let the crowd who mocked, and shot us, get a taste of it...

Why is it that, when the Left protests with tables of food. We get met with Riot cops...

But when the Right protests with raining bullets, they get a to go to jail, alive and unscathed...

The Equifax "glitch" which I'm sure it's patent bullshit. That affected 300k peoples credit scores, should really have everyone asking the necessity of FICO.

Credit scores have not even existed that long, and have created relentless poverty for decades.

It's time to abolish them, no company should hold that much power over your life. Especially since nobody ever asked for this in the first place.

Most currencies are gaining on the USD

We're about to hit the Yeild Inversion Curve

$312 billion was added to consumer Credit Card Debt

The Federal Reserve Interest rate is 2.5%

And Stocks have been negative for 2 quarters

You thought the Great Recession was bad? You better buckle up, because this one's not going to fare well. In the complete absence of any Economic Support Superstructure in place.

And when they bail out the CEO's

You better meet them with pitchforks.

The COVID migration of 2020 is a disingenuous distinction of what's happening.

This is an inter country, class war refugee dispersal.

As people flee areas of the US for lower cost of living, basic human rights, and political conformity.

We edge closer to balkanization of the US.

Even tho nothing substantial will probably come from it. Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan. Is grossly irresponsible, and should constitute a recall of her position.

You don't get to flirt with international conflict, for the shits and giggles of it. And no you aren't entitled to do so on the "Girl Boss" social status.

Or what the fucking hell were you even mad about Trump with to begin with. When he was threatening to nuke North Korea?

It's become so awkward and scary here in the US.

Half the population is openly threatening marginalized groups, forcing buggy conversations, and brandishing their guns in public.

We've lost interest in appealing to the apathetic ears of politicians, who don't care. Or want us gone, for the price of a briefcase full of green notes. That we could never make in a lifetime.

The only assured right you have on this land is death.

So as the tales of the Wild West, in Gun We Trust, and such Law!

If you had the opportunity to go back to 2016, and tell yourself, and your family. What will happen in 2022.

Would you tell them to keep voting blue?

Or cut the bullshit and have a revolution?

Your answer tells me everything about what you will do next in the present.

I don't think it was really conveyed properly. But only one company in the whole world, Bavarian Nordic A/S, is producing the Monkeypox vaccine.

Unlike upwards of 10 companies producing COVID-19 vaccines globally.

We're relying on just one, that's holding onto it's intellectual property rights on the vaccine.

Life saving medicine, should never be held for profit ransom.

And because of this, we're going to have an explosive outbreak across the globe, sand I doubt we'll have another lockdown.

News Outlets, even Liberal shifted ones, are irresponsibly reporting that Monkeypox is an STI, and thats it confined to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Our rights, if you haven't noticed, are under attack across the country. In the middle of culturally rising fascism, and homophobia, and groomer panic.

We are going to be physically targeted in the real world because of this. And it is going to blow up worse than it did in the Reagan era.

We are becoming more, and more, targets of the religious right.

Leftists have a rich history of Coffee, Cocaine, Alcohol, and Weed.

If you're trashing Starbucks Baristas who are unionizing...

Get the absolute fuck out of the left!

Yesterday WHO declared Monkeypox a Global Health Emergency.

Meanwhile being woefully under prepared, yet having 6 months to mobilize a response.

States are beginning to ration, and run out of vaccines.

We're in for another Pox Pandemic, on top of an ongoing SARS pandemic.

And COVID is starting to tax out hospitals with BA.5

One of main reasons why Solar Panels were pushed so hard (even more such now) is because that can be placed on any rooftop surface.

Solar Panels are still an excellent way to decentralize power production. They don't really require substantial infrastructure upgrades, they can even use fully recyclable Deep Cycle batteries.

The only thing that makes them even mildly unattractive is the power converter, that has to sync with the power grid.

We need solar panels for everyone, free of charge.

The heat wave death toll in Europe has reached 4,224.

We're at the Mass Death stage of Climate Change.

This year isn't a fluke, this year is a preview of what's to come.

Oil Executives, Bitumen mine owners, Coal Power Companies. Politicians and Wallstreet all need to stand trial now.

You do not have the luxury of election cycles anymore


This is the final warning

Climate change is not the public's fault, it's not your fault. The only people responsible are Industry and Politicians.

We've had a National Renewable Energy Laboratory dedicated to alternative and Green Energy since 1977.

But industry refuses to let go of fossils

Politicians refuse to give it more funding

They have known for over 50 years

Yet they won't switch over, because it'll affect Oil futures on the Stock Market.

If you haven’t already heard, we at subMedia are holding a fundraiser. A huge Thank You to everyone who already donated, after just a few short days we are at just over 10% of our fundraising goals.

I write these posts for the working people, not philosophy snobs on the Internet.

If your not translating you're philosophy into a digestible content. It's just going to be gatekept to higher education. And it comes off as explicitly mastubatory.

And does that reach the workers?

Does that reach people who weren't able to have high standard education?

Does that reach people who struggle with education?

If your not reaching the braod public, then your not building anything.

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