ALF: **ALF Sabotages 10 Hunting Towers, Smash Cameras in Solidarity with MBR Beagles (Sweden)**

"Received anonymously: In midsummer time the sun never goes down over so called Sweden. At night the ALF swarmed in the woods and sabotaged 10 hunting towers and smashed hunting cameras. We destroyed that which destroys. No rest for the wicked. Solidarity With Animal Freedom Movement. Shut Down MBR Acres. Free The MBR Beagles. Until … Continue reading"


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America has turned it's back on me, multiple times, just recently.

Theirs no way I can express the pain and abandonment, I've felt the past 6 years.

Theirs no way to express how I've gone from hopefully to suicidal over my poverty. That I've experienced my whole life

Theirs no way to express how I've watched my friends and family members lose their rights.

Yet you want me to save this rotting carcass with a vote?

I'm ready for it to fucking die!

“I’m tired of this separation of church and state junk — that’s not in the Constitution. It was in a stinking letter and it means nothing like they say it does,” Boebert said

The 1st amendment be like..

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

So you're telling me to vote for the party that allows "anti-choice" politicians into it's rank. To Codify RvW?

So you're telling me that the party who has a majority, cannot codify RvW?

So your telling me that the party who promised to expand the Supreme Court. Just isn't going to?

And you have the audacity to tell me to donate my hard earned money. When they won't even raise the minimum wage?

Why should anyone support you?

Democrats are grifters....

Meta Industries are starting to target Pro-Abortion groups. And listing them as terrorists organizations, in the same tier they list ISIS.

It's time to start using anti-AI technology, wich predicted this.

If the ship your on is sinking

You don't wait for the next Captain to come along, and tell you to plug up the holes.

No! You grab a bucket and do whatever you can to keep from drowning.

Leftists are telling you, the Captains drunk, and you need a lifeboat right now!

This ship we call America, has a massive hole in it. And everyone's about to fucking drown!

It's been 6 years, and it doesn't matter who would've won the 2016 election at this point.

What's happening now, is your rights are rapidly being stripped away.

The economy is collapsing

Inflation is rapidly outpacing wages

Severe weather is sweeping across the world

All of these have been happening for 40 years, under Red, under Blue.

We don't have time to wait, nor chance, a vote right now. What you put energy into right now, is direct action.

Were way past playing nice....

I know it hasn't sunk in yet, and your still processing it.

But we just lost the Right to control our own bodies. And if you don't have that Right, then what rights do you even have now?

You won't get them back with a ballot box, you won't get them back by calling your representative.

The only way Rights have ever been won, have been through Social Upheaval. Through communities connecting and organizing with eachother. Through brave, yet violent acts of dissent.

Well liberals, you going to finally get the fuck off your asses? You going to back down and be a bunch of cowards?

You going to? You fucking promised, and we holding you to it!

It's time to Cowabunga!!!

Social media platforms are throwing Fact Check articles, on memes that are comparing the prices of Gas from 2008-22.

And their explanation is that gas prices, don't move in tandem with the price of oil.

Yes we know that, that's the whole point of the memes, in fact even explicitly giving a historical example.

The price of gas is skyrocketing because of greed. And it's become undeniable.

Energy companies should not exist.

it's cost-push inflation due to the price of oil, not demand-pull inflation.


It's monetary inflation due to overprinting our currency, and now the dollars buying power is lower.

Also False

It's a bunch of Rich, greedy, assholes hording all the wealth.

And their paying politicians to keep it that way...

Pointing out that Joe Biden is doing virtually nothing to ease inflation. Is not helping republicans win an election.

Putting pressure on Joe Biden to ease inflation is imperative to make sure another Fascist uprising. Does not take hold in this country.

It is equally important to point out that Republicans are blocking measures to stop inflation

But where does that leave us? It's imperative that we establish Mutual Aid networks, and Unionism. To stop suffering, and apply pressure to industry

Joe Biden isn't responsible for high gas prices, and inflation! He didn't do that.

Your right, he didn't do anything like "Price Controls" and "Cancelling Debt.

That's the problem, he's not doing anything, that he's fully allowed to do. To help with any of this.

He's literally just sitting back and watching everything collapse. That is a choice in itself.

No the Nazis and fascists didn't win WWII

We just didn't shoot enough of them.

We have to establish Mutual Aide networks, beyond charity (wich is absolutely ok) so that we can. Give communities resources, to be able to get out, and do Direct Action, and set up Defense Unions.

We have to use the Internet as well, to establish a memeatic movement, for horizontal organizing. Of these Mutual Aide Networks, and Defense Unions, for direct action.

We need to establish a cohesive set of values, to direct a conglomeration of decentralized organizations.

I don't want the Supreme Court to make a decision on the fate of "Roe V Wade"

No I want it thrown the fuck out!

I want the people responsible for drafting this behind the public's back impeached.

I want Supreme Court Justices to have a term limit, to be held accountable for crimes, to be appointed by voters.

This is what I want, and what should just be the bare minimum, for the current legal framework we exist in.

And if we not allowed that, then our government is 💯 percent antithetical.

Since you can get away with virtually being an armed mob, with a 2A protest.

And you get tear gassed wherever you use your 1A at a protest.

Maybe we should start 2A protesting outside of Supreme Court Justices houses.

Or literally every government official for that matter?

Interesting 🤔....

If people are showing up to Supreme Court Justices houses with Guns. Over them slaughtering our Civil Rights.

Your first reaction shouldn't be to give them special protections.

It should be to impeach and remove them. Because their blatantly twisting the constitution to their conservative values.

Also, literally half of them should be going to jail for high treason, and rape accusations anyways. Don't act like this is undue, they don't need to be in any political position.

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