IDK maybe the message of Tax the Rich falls flat to me, when they can't even abolish the filibuster.

IDK maybe the message of Tax the Rich falls flat to me, when they won't raise the minimum wage.

IDK maybe the message of Tax the Rich falls flat to me, when we have out of control military spending.

IDK maybe the message of Tax the Rich falls flat to me, when we won't defund the police.

IDK maybe maybe your reformism isn't working, and we need a Revolution.

IDK maybe Eat The Fucking Rich!!!

If you go to Met Gala as a leftist, I hope you go as a reporter asking uncomfortable questions about wealth

If you go to Met Gala as a leftist, I hope you are staff, and you piss in the punch bowl

If you go to Met Gala as a leftist, I hope you go in a ski mask, and an AK-47, ready to take a ransom

If you go to Met Gala as a leftist, I hope you don't pompously cheapen socialism wearing a decadent "Tax the Rich" dress. And take photo ops like the cheap ass scammer AOC is.

I have no sympathy for antivaxxers

I have no sympathy for antimaskers

I have upmost disgust for your social hierarchy of white supremacy

And I have upmost joy watching you kill yourselves with horse dewormer, and preventable diseases.
But you are causing children and vulnerable populations, to die from your conspiracies.
It's time for you to be treated like the monsters you are. You are bioterrorists, and you are an enemy to all of mankind.
Push a little further, and you might catch hot lead.

I'll give you this as a foreboding, having watched what happened to the workers at Martin Marietta....

It is wise to trust Nuclear Science

It is not wise to trust the Nuclear Industry

Everyday, for the past 12 years, I've waited for something to happen. Trapped in anxiety, something, feverishly checking the news.

I've waited for the masses to magically rise up, I've waited for politicians to have a change of heart. I've waited for billionaires to redistribute their wealth, I've waited for the system to collapse and disappear.

While I've waited, I've talked about how these thinks should happen. While I've talked about these things, I realized.

You were listening....

Never forget we created the Taliban...

Never forget that if we had just let the Maoists Afghan coalition alone, and not have funded the Mujahideen. Their wouldn't have been 2 planes flying into the twin towers.

Never forget that the countries we invaded, weren't even a part of the terrorist attacks. And we were duped and lied into a proxy war with Iran.

Never forgot we pulled out of Afghanistan, and let the Taliban take over, and spit in the faces of hundreds of thousands who died over 20 yrs

You aren't going to have a good time with September 11th this year.

Nobody is

And if they do, you really have to question them.

I guess you could say unions are useless, especially after they kicked the National Gaurd out of St Paul MN.

I guess you could say Unions are useless after they led the General Strike work stoppage in Palestine, that ended the Israeli bombardment.

I guess you could say Unions are useless, after they just sheltered LGBTQIA families in Pakistan.

I guess you could say Unions are useless, after they provide Anti-Fascist defense every weekend.

Only Scabs say Unions are useless....

Yeah we could comb over the history of unions in this country, and let Capitalist unions paint the braod brushstroke for all of unionism ever. And until the end of all eternity....

Or, we could highlight and talk about the Revolutionary Union, that got you your workers rights. And literally fucking ended child labor, and fought the US government.

You know who I'm talking about?


You are not organizing with right-wingers and reactionaries in the workplace....

You are using organizing to shift their thinking into leftists avenues.

The independent worker is subject to the tyranny of the owner.

But the organized worker uses their solidarity to demand OUR will upon the tyrant's. Who steal your labor, and give no bread.

Who are you going to vote for when they evict you?

Who are you going to vote for when they throw you in prison for having an abortion?

Who are you going to vote for when you run out of money, because they cut your unemployment?

Who are you going to vote for when you die from covid in an overloaded hospital?

Who are you going to vote for when you lose your house to climate change disaster?

How fucking sick of voting are you, when the people you vote for. Idly stand by and watch you suffer?

Here's to another week of reactionaries being, purposefully contrarian. To bait everyone into a civil war, and fuel their dominionist rapture delusions.

Instead of IDK, systemically fixing the planet and stopping climate change?

It's time to stop using the word Liberal in America.....

There are literally no people who actually fit the very real definition of it.

They don't even follow an ideology, just pop politics. And that's dangerous, and allowes fascism to flourish.

So these people you mark as Liberals, will you teach them before a fascist does?

If you want 20 years of War with Afganistan to make sense

You will not like the answer

If you want to do right by the causalities of the Afganistan War

Then we seek justice with the powers that involved us

If you want no more Afghanistans, then we must end the source of misery

We must end America....

Our parents raised us for a stable world, that was destabilized due to excessive greed, environmental destruction, and imperialism.

We did everything according to their book, that they set up. It was not our fault we've navigated, a world that fell apart.

From the ashes of what's left, will we raise the next children for a sustainable world, that grows with nature?

I'd like to think that discipline can be cast aside for caring, and nurturing.

Update on Louisiana and Hurricane Ida:

Cajun Navy is running rescue operations.

Power is likely down for 3 weeks.

This is an interactive volunteer crowd source for Medical, food, supplies, and rescue in Louisiana.

**Mutual Aide Needed**


Need mutual aide teams to standby for the fallout of hurricane Ida

Please be ready to volunteer, and provide material, and financial assistance.

Joe Biden could easily end rent with the incredibly straight forward "Declaration Of Taking Act" -1931

The fact he's not reacting to the present housing crisis, by using THE Great Depression provision that was, intended and used. To stop a crisis that grants him full permission to do such. Is how much he actually give a fuck about everyone. And how willing he is to stop this catastrophe.

Don't let him blow smoke up your ass, demand Nationalized Housing.

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