We absolutely should not Nationalize these corperate media platforms. That olny openes the door to a further reaching surveillance state.

Listen, Corperate media platforms have been censoring leftists for, well since they've existed. And pages, like this one was literally caught up in a sweep of such.

That's why we chose to make it apart of the ever evolving Decentralized social media movement. To demonopolize Capitalist control of activism, and journalism.

Does it directly benefit us to oppose Trump supporters fighting cops?

No, let them bolth make jackasses out of themselves. The cops literally have enough of an arsenal to be their own military. Let them dry up their resources.

But should we just do nothing?

Also no, we must defend, and distribute mutual aide to BIPOC, immigrant, and disabled communities.

Urgent mutual aid request. It's an image because this is too long for a proper toot

Yes impeachment is important to systemically knee cap the would be Hitler of Trump. Even by their own apparatus.

The job of the Antifascist is to keep it that way, and defeat the next would be, that will sprout from the 3rd positionist policies of reaching across the aisle. To the rabid cult Trumpists that remain, and initiate rapidly escalating domestic terrorism.

Saying we shouldn't deplatform facists, is something we are not going to entertain.

Deplatform them, find where they hide, then deplatform them again.

Keep them on the run, and keep them from talking.

That is all...

If your new to this, don't come up with antiquated takes, that do more harm than they will ever do good. I suggest you find a local organizations to get better clarity of what to do, from seasoned leftists.

TFW you piss the world population off with austerity policies, and hypercapitalism. And you think Social Media is the issue?

No we just talked to eachother about the publicly published policies that you enacted. And well, you just happened to prove Marx.

Theirs no conspiracy here, everyone's pissed, and lashing out in different ways.

I think it's safe to say nobody, literally nobody on the left is going to even counter Trump supporters vs the cops...

Just let them make themselves look bad, and tax out state resources.

Meanwhile keep it calm on public channels.

Everything that has just happened since the election, was already predicted back in 2019 from the left.But our predictions going forward are way more bleak than you can imagine. We're predicting a constant state of destabilizions, from austerity policies from the Biden admin, balkanization with no discernable boundaries from Trump terrorists. Factional facist fighting, and a last ditch effort to save Capitalism, by loan indentured servitude.

This is what apathy gets you...

This is section 230, that Trump had a massive hard on to repeal:

No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

If this was repealed, it would've opened the internet up to government censorship.

Every Blue Check Radlib, is getting upset about the absolute wrong things here.

Ok I'm going to have to tell these Blue Check radlibs to STFU about deplatforming. When the intent was released to the public, back in the late 80's. Anarchists specifically wrote the architecture for it, to deplatform facists, and we even advocated against centralized Applications like Facebook, because we pretty much predicted.
No provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider.

Please stop dissecting how the facist flunked in their tactics. Not even in private groups, just nowhere but vetted chats.

We were able to do that back in 2017-19 before Leftbook got contaminated with careless admins.

The fash, and you should absolutey assume this going forward, are using us for combat tips. They won't stop these demonstrations, and they are colluding with police forces.

Yes, it warented to finally fucking ban facists from "Corperate Social media" platforms.

That is what we want to have happen. We even want these platforms to become so inundated with censorship, that they become unusable. So we can consolidate into Activety Pub FEDIVERSE servers. Like this one "Kolektiva.Social"

Save your fucking hot takes about how you think Facebook is the government.

politics, fediverse moderation 

Might be a good idea to keep an eye out for the next few weeks. Trump and a bunch of other hard right media figures are getting banned from Twitter and Facebook. Parler and Gab are getting booted from Google Play and likely the App Store, too. That's going to shake out a lot of fashies. They'll be looking for new digital spaces where they can recruit and coordinate, and some of them may land on fediverse servers. Keep your guard up.

Back the blue aficionado shot dead by cops
"Don't tread on me" flag wager trampled to death
Man tased himself in the balls until he dies.
Dead cop.
Five fascists gone. (I haven't heard details about the fifth but I hope it was in some absurd and ironic way)

There will be a reprisal from the militarized police state. But since that state supports the fascists, the reprisals will not focus on those responsible (more than token arrests for appearance sake) but instead target left wing and marginalized voices.

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Liberals are now blowing up with "Why we're the cops not as big of meanies to Trump mob?"

Did you like blank out of reality during the summer?

When is Leftists, they drench cities in tear gas and proclaim it a riot. And deploy Fed body snatchers, and energy weapons.

When it's their friends, they get in tickle fights....

I'm really trying not to be doomy these days. But goddammit, everyone gambled their attention, and energy into electoralism. And had the result of getting, let's just say, bayonetted in the stomach 1k times. By the Democratic party......

And honestly, I just feel that it's just going to have to absolutely unravel, and they'll still be going "Bernie 2032!" In the middle of bomb shelter, during Civil War 3.

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