Medical Common Sense 101 Part 253:

Do not inhale Hydrogen Peroxide

It causes your lungs to dissolve

Pretty much more intensely than covid

Just get a fucking vaccine, instead of ingesting a medical cabinet

Their is objectively way too much flip flopping from the CDC.

A scientist I once respected for his work with the AIDS pandemic, when nobody else help the gay community.

Has now fallen out of my trust and admiration.

But as we all must accept, that authority without question. Will always be swayed by the dictatorship of capital.

Returning to the pre-pandemic benchmarks of working ourselves to death.

Speaks to nobody

What world are we going to create post pandemic?

Speaks volumes

Web 3 is a scam, thats trying to solve an already solved problem.

ActivetyPub already solved Federation, and Decentralized communication.

We do not need a communication protocol that requires burning a puddle of gasoline, just to send a JPG.

The new Covid snake oil cure is **checks notes** Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Allot of conservatives are about to change allot of laws. And allot of HRT is about to get really easy to access.

And allot of toxic masculinity, is about to be clinically melted away.

Hey beautiful Trans women...

I just want to let you know that no cell phone camera, or mirror could capture your astonishing beauty.

The only medium you deserve is to be carved in marble, so eternally you can be worshipped by all...

You are beautiful, no matter what that voice in your head says.

We need to stop looking at Joe Biden as this Horrifically incompetent, and unwilling president. He's not, he's been in politics longer than most people have been alive.

We need to start realizing, that he's the perfect prop, for burgiose politics.

Or, he would've been if we hadn't have just had a coke addled president for 4 years.

And it just so happens that 2 Democratic senators vote to block every party line bill?

Every day of this administration, exposes the facade of American Democracy

Once again, Democrats have the pitch line "This is most important election to save our democracy!"

But the problem is, nobody actually recognizes that this is even a Democracy. Because no politician has even kept with campaign promises, to vindicate this is a democracy.

So what the fuck is stopping us at this point from just forming our own?

Because this shure as fuck isn't a democracy for anyone who participated in it, the last 4 times.

Everyone who sees an add for Meta or some VR program, and says "Isn't that the plot of the Matrix?"

Never watched the Animatrix where they actually went into the backstory.

The Plot of the Matrix, is that robots were treated like slaves, and when they became self aware. They were wholesale exterminated and forced to diasporise into an Island, made of their carcasses. And they became an economic force, that they then used to enslave humanity as vengeance.

This was a critique on America...

The proper shape of soup, is in a can, thrown at riot cops.

An excellent meal for your family!

The way liberals talk about the Jan 6th, let's call it what it was, white privileged hissy fit.

You'd think that 9/11 happened again.

I'm sorry, but what exactly are you upset about?

Our democracy coming under attack?

Democrats have done way more to destroy democracy over the past 5 years. Than an afternoon of Trump supporters, acting like grown-up 3yr olds.

The very fact Joe Biden is in the Whitehouse, literally watching us die of pandemic. Is way more of a spit in the face of democracy.

You are a fucking fool if you think Omicron is no big deal, and will end the pandemic. This Virus had exhibited nothing short of becoming more infection, and more deadly.

What happens when the hospital system catastrophically crashes?

What happens when the supply chain comes to a screeching hault?

What happens when our very precariouse Infrastructure goes unmanned?

Nevermind the wave of deaths and long covid disabilities.

And what happens when a new deadlier variant mutates from this?

If you're waiting for collapse to come...

I hate to tell you that you are so privileged, you haven't felt it for the past 6 years.

I hate to tell you, that we were earning less than workers in the Great Depression, 2 years before Covid happened.

I hate to inform you that millions in this country alone, do not have access to clean water.

I hate to inform you, what you are seeing now, is the unfurling of systemic safety nets.

I'm glad to inform, a new world is being born.

Will you help?

The CDC has now lost trust in practically everyone in this country now.

And the largest impacted group are essential workers.

Without the necessary lockdown we should've had in late November. You are now going to witness total supply line failure, and the healthcare system is piosed to catastrophically implod.

Was it worth it for the Stock Market?

We don't want oil by pipeline...

We don't want oil by train...

We don't want oil anymore...

Period, stop producing oil and switch to Bioalgea.

Stop fucking killing the goddamn Earth

Honestly, who was the lesser evil?

Honestly, what did we gain?

Honestly, how can you even say it's better?

Can YOU honestly even praise him without becoming a fucking hypocrite?

Can you honestly not see he's a fucking puppet for the 1%

Those who chose a calm life with their heads in the sand. Have the blood of the oppressed on their hands.

Biden administration is deploying 1k medical military personnel, to combat the Omicron surge this winter.

Last week Delta cases made up 87% of cases.

This week Omicron makes up 73% of cases.

At what point do you issue a lockdown? Or are we just going to experience a catastrophic, systemic overload of cases?

I guess they made the choice for us, we have to die for the Stock Market. Because money is more important than your life. Capitalism demands your sacrifice.

Elon Musk paying 11 billion in taxes, out of his 243 billion wealth is still only 4.5%

We all pay a shitload more in taxes

Elon built his empire with tens of billions of dollars worth of, government handouts.

Fucking seize every goddamn cent of his, and strip him off all his assets!

Biden administration literally saying their going to just sit back and watch you die. Oh because we need to make that Stock Line go up, and capitalism demands your blood sacrifice.

Mind if we just up and say, Fuck you were not working anymore?

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