Dear person who designed my computer tower with the power button on the top of the box,



Skellington whose cat has learned a brand new way to get their complete and undivided attention.

@Skellington you need one of those flip-up covers like missile switches

@s0 I'm not entirely sure that would slow her down and it might give her ideas about starting international incidences.

She's pretty much a James Bond villain who got stuck in a fursuit.

@s0 @Skellington A Molly guard! invented for this exact purpose (though with a toddler instead of a cat)


PS: Toddlers

(I keep offering to install a homemade power switch on the back of my wife's computer, she keeps refusing, toddler keeps turning it off)

@Skellington I wonder if it's the same (obviously dog-less) person who designed the capacitive power button on one of the Xbox consoles.

@Skellington Children too. I disconnected mine from motherboard and use the hidden reset pin for power instead...

@Skellington My spouse solved this problem by taping one side of a quarter over the power button, such that the tape acts as a hinge. Our cats were only incidentally stepping on the power button while using the tower as one in a series of jumps to a high spot, though.

@Skellington my previous work laptop's power button was next to the delete key. If I ever meet that guy...

@Skellington it’s the worst when I prop my feet up on the tower and put it to sleep. My cats step on it too 😭

@Skellington up there with the clown who made the touch sensor on the front of the Xbox Series X so bloody sensitive. One flick of an errant feline tail and............

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