Do you know about Australopithecus Spiff-Arino?

You should. You really really should.

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America legit just switched from

Rage Against the Machine


System of A Down

It is not in the system of laws or the wielding of power that freedom can be found.

It is in the hands and the voices of the people who live life and are the only ones who can share life.

Beethoven was a Deaf man singing joy through transcendent spirit.

Bernstein changed that word to praise the agency of each one of us who sings out in our own way.

It was a weird time, but beautiful. Still beautiful.

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This was all we knew at that time.

As our minds were opening to a new language, we learned new ideas with it. We learned that Freiheit is different than American Freedom. AF is mandatory and free only as it supports the autrocrats. Freiheit means the liberty and agency to express political and social thoughts.

Years later after Frau Meyer's prediction, I watched the wall come down and the people (not the governments, not the corporations) demolish it with their hands.

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I'm fine. I'm totally fine.

I just cued up the final movement of Bernstein's Beethoven's 9th at the Berlin Celebration Concert in 89 and I forgot about the change in the text so... when he sang, "Freiheit!" I burst into tears.

That wall coming down was predicted by my German language teacher when I was in 7th grade. We laughed when she said it. It seemed impossible. The Cold War had always been and would always be. We were confident in the fixed nature of the world as only a child can be.

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“With my friends, i can achieve anything!!”

Me: I sleep

*One Very Large Scary Monster character befriends and is very gentle to a tiny friend in an anime*


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#OtD 6 May 1919, Alejandro Finisterre, anarchist poet and inventor of the Spanish version of foosball was born. He invented the game after seeing children who'd been injured during the Spanish revolution. You can read more here:

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UN News: **UN launches key initiative to protect seafarers’ human rights amid COVID-19 crisis**

"Around 200,000 cargo ship crew members are stranded at sea, beyond the length of their contracts due to COVID-19 restrictions, placing a major strain on their physical and mental health. New UN guidelines were published on Thursday, aimed at helping the industry bette…"

#humanrights #news #bot

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You can't just say that you don't like cannibalism and then say that everyone who does like cannibalism is out to eat other people!

Fictional worlds can give us strength and help us navigate the emotions that are too big to face on our own.

Sometimes I remember that Laika died in space. I feel sad.

Then I remember that Sarah Jane Smith buried Laika's body and then I can cry because the story gives me a framework on which I can spread my feelings and let the wind move through them.

Reality is intense and difficult. Fantasy can help us process complex things in different ways until we find one that works for us.

I was a few episodes into watch the second season of Handmaid's Tale when I asked myself, "Is this inspiration or torture porn?"

Since then, every time I've watched a story in which powerful people harm powerless people I find myself asking the same question and walking away from any media that doesn't show the mechanics of the weak uniting against the powerful in a teaching format.

Unless we're going to teach how to overcome abuse, why make porn for serial abusers?

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The great thing about always making sure to shoplift at least 1 thing everywhere you go is that when the store inevitably overcharges you too, you can just shrug it off.

I need Ea-Nasir/Nanni enemies to friends to lovers fanfic.

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we'll have self-driving cars within the decade, and by self-driving i mean we'll have connected up their guidance to drone piloting systems driven by real people for pennies an hour

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Remember folks, if this shitshow is possible, anything’s possible. Don’t ever let anyone tell you things can’t be different.

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If your experience does not suit you, mod it. Mod your games, mod your OS, mod your hardware, mod yourself.

As long as you're not in a fair competition, cheat. Cheat if it's an unfair competition. Hack everything, level the playing field.

Remove unwanted mechanics, adjust difficulty, change your perceptions, change your experience. Online, in games, in meatspace. You are the final arbiter in what you experience.

Fuck anyone who claims this is wrong or cheapens an experience.
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my self-driving car got hit with ransomware and it refuses to stop going until i pay up :/ i'm already halfway to nevada. i just wanted to go the drug store :/

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