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Please keep an eye out for people trying to brand monkeypox as a "gay disease", explicit or otherwise, and push back hard and early!

I've already started seeing the same kind of "the damn gays fucking everywhere" rhetoric that also popped up during the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. That rhetoric was directly responsible for (tens of?) thousands of deaths.

We absolutely *cannot* afford to let homophobes gain control over the public narrative around monkeypox, and let them use it to once again kill queer folks by denying them crucially important healthcare. :boosts_ok_gay:

@nolan What I'd really like to see is an online discussion format which reimplements the Scholastic Instruction model:

Scholastic instruction consisted of several elements. The first was the lectio: a teacher would read an authoritative text followed by a commentary, but no questions were permitted. This was followed by the meditatio (meditation or reflection) in which students reflected on and appropriated the text. Finally, in the quaestio students could ask questions (quaestiones) that might have occurred to them during meditatio. Eventually the discussion of questiones became a method of inquiry apart from the lectio and independent of authoritative texts. Disputationes were arranged to resolve controversial quaestiones.[39]


Effectively, this ensures that everyone is exposed to the content, and also that the discussion is directed around specific disputations concerning the content itself.

That said, I've no idea how well this actually worked, and there seems to be only one (Dutch) reference for this specific method:

van Asselt, Willem J. (2011). Inleiding in de Gereformeerde Scholastiek [Introduction to Reformed Scholasticism] (in Dutch). With contributions by T. Theo J. Pleizier, Pieter L. Rouwendal, and Maarten Wisse; Translated by Albert Gootjes. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Reformation Heritage Books. ISBN 978-1-60178-121-5.

Note that the situation is also frustrating for HN's mods. I'll see if I can dig up that comment....

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I'm generally pretty busy these days. I sit at my computer maybe for about fifteen minutes. I have my phone on me, but I tend not to respond to chats because I will become totally derailed from the things I wish to get done.

I am growing weary with people who cannot endure three days of radio silence from me without giving me some kind of ultimatum that I prove that they haven't done anything wrong.

I'm simply busy.

When I was assigned to read Flowers For Algernon I hated it because I got the point.

It's an important point, and no other media puts it so clearly.

Goddamn, it's a bitter truth and I loath getting to see it all the time, even as I feel humbled by the kindness inherent in the salve of forgetting things.

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Mom had a bad Algernon Syndrome night last night.

She woke up and started getting the bed ready for Dad (dead) to come to bed. Then she came out and asked me where her husband was.

I used the answer I'd developed in expectation of this event and told her that he was in the hospital and would be coming home next week.

growing up autistic is fun because everyone is like "wow you're so smart" because you know a lot of big words and so you test well in school but then you get into the real world and you can't take care of yourself or socialize or do anything that an adult needs to do and you realize that you're actually like, disabled and nobody wanted to tell you because they think being disabled is bad

Legit tho i find so much new interesting people to follow here in a way that i never really did on twitter. Its like a series of rabbit holes but its people and the threads and posts they make.

I planted my seeds without any expectation of any of them growing. Today I spy many tiny red Amaranth seedlings and I have given them a very soft and very enthusiastic pep talk and told them of my pride in their accomplishment.

Do me a favor?

Watch this video with the sound off and no subtitles.
Think about what you are observing about the actors and what it looks like might be going on in this situation

Then watch it with the sound on.

It's curious, isn't it?


Today I am listening to Stravinsky's Firebird and thinking of Robert Landsburg. He was an artist who showed superhuman clarity through his final moments in life. His radical acceptance of conditions around him and his choices in those moments shine as an example to me as I work to accept the conditions of the world around me and choose to live by my values in the face of forces beyond my control.
When all is lost, we don't have to give up. What we do for others can endure beyond our own end.

f(x,y) = ((((~y) & (y | x)) / (-(-y))) + (((23 % x) + (y & x)) % ((y + x) & (y & y)))) % 12

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

In two days of talking with competent medical professionals I have radically changed the direction of my care program so that it is now based on my needs and addresses my challenges.

It is very hard not to hope that these changes represent an improvement in my quality of life so I very much feel like a child who gets scolded for getting excited about things.

It's me, I'm that child.

So, not excited, just very very curious.

Sometimes I really miss the old base on Yavin IV.

I had some really great times when I was stationed there.

My unit's team always lost in the sabacc tournies, but we had a lot of fun anyhow.

I think that the Welsh language has finally eaten my brain. Tonight I was making my shopping list and had to spend five minutes trying to decide if "bacon" was spelled with an o or a w.

They both sounded right to me. They both looked right to me.

w is such a useful vowel and I wish we used it in English.

I am having a minor folk music emergency. I want to sing Clishmaclaver's Poverty Knock but I only have the album Roots Entwined on my phone.

Please respect our privacy at this time of suffering.

I love the strange short production runs of Mt Dew flavors, but I picked up a bottle of the Flamin' Hot expecting to do, "taste this, it's disgusting." With Spouse.


It's fucking delicious.

Not too sweet, dry citrus in the front with a gentle chili glow along the soft palette and throat at the finish.

I'm. In. Love.

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