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Left: Washington Post illustrates an article on corageous whistleblower Daniel Hale, who exposed US war crimes, with a mugshot.

Right: Washington Post illustrates article on Michael Behenna, a war criminal who murdered Iraqis in cold blood, with a touching family love pic.


I want to watch The Aristocrats with HH The Dalai Lama.

I think he'd love it.

I'm reading about memory reconsolidation in psychotherapy from a neuropsychotherapist point of view and I am so angry at all of the people who have made exposure therapy into a form of torture to get people to numb themselves to horrors instead of working to support people as they grow and inform their memories of new data that can help them develop healthier lives.

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SCP: A computer where you press ctrl-shift-T, and it doesn't stop opening old tabs. It keeps opening tabs you closed days ago, weeks ago, months ago, on old browsers, then on old computers. It keeps going back and you see browser windows you closed back to the very first time you ever visited a website. You see everything, old e-mail inboxes, old forum posts, old livejournal entries. All of it

Containment procedure: don't do that

The other day I found a ferro rod on my bookshelf (as you do) so I looked up some videos about them and learned some things.

Today I grabbed the rod and a bit of dryer lint and started a fire on my third strike. The first two were good strikes, but I had to adjust my aim.

Maybe tomorrow I'll try with found organic tinder.

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aliens built Big Ben. the English could never have done it on their own

Would you children turn that music up? Glammy can't hear it well enough.

Oh, this is a classic! Back in my day I would mosh to the Dead Kennedys and we would beat up all the preppies! Oh, good times. Good times.

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Up too late learning random things. Finally learned how to put my hair up with a stick. Took a picture of the back of my head.

So. Much. Grey.

It's one thing to know I'm getting to 50% salt in my pepper and never see it from an obvious angle. It's a completely nother thing to see it in a photograph.

Children, come take Glammy to bed, please. Glory be, my bones are achin', storm comin' Ani.

I want a Werther's Original candy.

People who have invested all their effort and life into conforming to the social rules they were taught will kill or die rather than admit that they've been putting all of their effort and discipline into being something that they are not to make someone who does not respect them happy and have gotten nothing meaningful in return.

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there's this idea in western writings on buddhism of a 'paradox of desire'. broadly it goes: if enlightenment means the annihilation of desire, then how can anyone achieve enlightenment if they desire being enlightened?

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joking about sex is not consent for sexually charged interaction. this should be really obvious.

As my ability to do things like shower, clean, go shopping, manage bills, and other IADLs increase one of the hardest things to do is take a day off.

Rest is as important as work and just as hard to do right.

I'm still at the stage where I greet every reflexive, "I'm supposed to be doing something!" with, "Yeah. Chill." and then I relax for about thirty seconds.

Building new habits is tough, but it really does work.

I always put The Who on when I'm cleaning our room or organizing in here.

They were a favorite of one of my friends who died about ten years ago. I always imagine him just out of my vision, playing air drums and scream whispering the lyrics along as he always did.

It's funny that the things that stick with me are not the Big Noble things, but the sweet inconsequential, oh so human things.

I noticed that part of my early 70s era shag carpet under my office chair is starting to disintegrate. I remember that we have a remnant from the carpet install downstairs. I get it. It fits.

I wonder if there is some kind of bais tape or quilt binding tape to turn a remnant of carpet into a rug that won't fray.

I look online and find options. All of which are more expensive than buying a new finished throw rug.

The system is working as intended.

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me, typing "t" into the google search bar:

google: did you want to search "sandals with two blocks of wood on the bottom" again?

me: ohh, yeah, I remember this. I wanted to know the name of those, uhh, you know. those Japanese sandals? they help you walk through mud? tengu are traditionally said to wear a weird version with one block instead?


me: I guess I do want to search "sandals with two blocks of wood on the bottom" again

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**Insanity is Healthy**

"Once leprosy had gone, and the figure of the leper was no more than a distant memory, these structures still remained. The game of exclusion would be played again, often in these same places, in an oddly similar fashion two or three centuries later. The role of the leper was to be played by the More The post Insanity is Healthy appeared first on"

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