Sing it with me, friends:

Giving someone else their meds
Is not the same as taking yours
Feeding someone else
Is not the same as eating.

Take take take
Your goddamn meds
Eat eat eat
Your fucking lunch
You can't pour something
From an empty bucket.

When I read the name of the Star Wars walker AT-AT I hear it as "aht! aht!" In my head, like the aliens from Mars Attacks!

But when I say it, I say "ā tee ā tee" as normal people do so I don't sound like some kind of weirdo.

People who are rich/smart/powerful/evil/righteous enough to break the rules breaking the rules for their own reasons and living with mild or only personal consequences describes a major portion of american mass entertainment.

Our whole concept of "rules" only ever exists to set up opportunities for exceptions. The american dream is to earn one of the exceptions.

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Peaceful resistance will never work against those who have no shame, and those who equate power with rule-free living will never hold their leaders (friends, or selves) to any kind of rule system other than the ruler's whim.

Breaking rules is just another proof that someone is way above the law and most worthy of leading an authoritarian system.

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Pointing out how the leaders don't follow the rules that apply to everyone else only cements the position of authoritarians.
For them the rules are there to separate those who rule and those who are ruled.
Their leaders aren't supposed to follow the rules, that is an echo of the divine right of kings that is the perfect justification as to why those people should be their leaders.
The rules are only ever there to keep down those who can't overpower the rulers.

"I could touch your tail... like this."
"I could curl my tail up and take it from you. Also, I could wiggle my whiskers against the bottom of your foot paw."
"Hey!" *smek!*
"Whoa! Dude!" *melts into floor* "I'll be over here if you want to snuggle later."

Totally relationship goals.

Tasty thing I cooked recently: a vegan poutine but with gnocchi instead of fries


... one layer of box bread dressing augmented with Indian spices, white pepper, and some other good stuff.

Oh, I threw in some minced garlic at the end of the sautee of the bottom layer, too.

It turned out to be a really tasty meal filled with flavor and not too complicated or dull.

I'm thinking of it as Gratitude Casserole as american thanksgiving sucks, but gratitude and flavor are awesome.

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Spouse and I were talking about the dreaded american thanksgiving dinner. I only show up for the squash, and she only shows up for the dressing, and we thought that it might be fun to make a dish that focused on those.

Dad used to make acorn squash cut in half and baked with a stuffing of hot sausage and cabbage which had been sauteed together.

I did one layer of mushrooms, shredded cabbage, julienned pepperoni and hot ham; one layer of baked acorn squash; and...

The Amazon Review Experience

1. consider a product of rating 4.5+/5
2. read its 1 star reviews
3. read the 2 star reviews
4. now read the 3 star reviews
5. follow with 4 star reviews
6. finish with 5 star reviews

you will start out in the valley of the unlucky & those too lazy to read the manual, then gracefully ascend to the ones who can read and solve simple problems, and finally end up at the optimistic who rate after 1 hour of use

(you fold each corner of the tarp around the ball and then tie off under the ball. It puts even tension on the fabric and lets it take the weight without having a single point of stress that will be most likely to tear. You can use golf balls or bouncy balls to secure tarps for camping purposes, too.)

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The Town website says they don't collect carcasses from County roads. The County website says, "bury it with 2 feet of dirt covering it or drag it to a wooded area and let it decompose naturally."

So... my evening has been all about working out knots and the off-label use of a field hockey ball so I can drag a deer carcass from the front yard to the woods with my rider mower.

Moving bodies. Easier than you might expect.

I'm still thinking about how if you seem to "too perfectly" fulfill the diagnostic criteria for gender-care, people will now just assume you're lying.

So-called "queer respectability" is a fucking scam, and good outcomes mostly rely on your economic class, rather than whether you're "too weird" or "trying to look normal".

today i'm standing at my desk doing my idle animation. arms swaying slowly, looking to my left and then to my right. after 5 minutes with no inputs I scratch my ass

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