Who does this shit in some of the only pristine lands left throughout Earth!
See something, do something. Atleast speak up.

Here I lie, wounded. A victim of lust from the clenches of despondency.

Seriously. 6 feet of rampped up electrons.
This is under maintenance.

Seriously though,
LASER (Light Amplified Spontaneous Emitted Radiation) good for disabling things to an extent..unless you have the proper knowledge and power/resources to do more damage. To lets say, security devices(thanks to snells law) Drones, fiber optics..
More than just capable of damaging shit. In some reconnaissance work lasers help out too.

Ion laser Ar 488nm 20mw

Can anyone help a brotha out need an invite to use an email service I NEED. That we all need, thanks to the vultures picking our virtual bones and constant cyber harrassment.

Home - riseup.net


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All cops are bastards but so are all politicians. Even the ‘progressive’ ones. They are still tools of neoliberalism, capital, and the state. They co-opt revolutionary language and use it to try to sell us on policies designed to lull the masses into complacency. Their ‘fights’ with the establishment are nothing more than annoyances. They do not truly threaten the status quo.

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El premio 2020 por el derribo de la década es para:
1. Manifestante chileno contra Pakosingloria 🏆


The 2020 award for the takedown of the decade goes to:
1. Chilean Protester vs Riot Cop 🏆

(Vía ACAB Europe)

If your dog is fat you're not getting enough exercise.

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Industrial cooling system called stress and release. Works well against the ribcages of you know who.

Some older work of mine. I don't really like sharing esp on other SMP. So here.

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