We had a stacked menu last night!

- curried chickpeas, veggies, and rice
- rice and beans
- wild mushroom soup with chokecherries and rye bread
- spruce pastries
- nick 'n' willie's chicken wings & pizza
- veggie burritos
- salami sandwiches
- curry
- wild greens salad
- chicken pasta
- yarrow lemon-balm iced tea

We distribute food and supplies every Tuesday and Wednesday evening in downtown Boulder.

Hit us up to get involved!

Two dozen community members marched on the Boulder County Sheriff's Office to let them know that their push for a law to criminalize sheltering from the elements on (stolen) County land won't be met without a fight! This law will increase homelessness and target BIPOC.

COLORADO: The Boulder County Sheriff is pushing to criminalize seeking shelter in a car, sleeping bag, or tent throughout the County. We're going to let Sheriff Pelle know we're not going to stand for further criminalization of homelessness after Marshall fire or ever!


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