Around the world, the state has not been the friend of antifascists. Many comrades are currently locked up for courageous actions against fascism. Coming up on July 25th is the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners. Learn and find materials on: supportantifaprisoners.wordpre

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We don't depend on the state to do the work of opposing far-right and fascist organizing. We do that ourselves. The Portland Police and Multco DA have worked in tandem with the far-right to oppose social movements in our city, and have imprisoned antifascists who acted against the far-right, including current antifa prisoners like Gage Halupowski who you can learn how to support here:

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We, and other antifascists in Portland, spent a great deal of 2017-2019 responding to the surge of neo-Nazi organizing facilitated by Joey Gibson and his affiliates in Patriot Prayer. Today, the state acquitted him and two others in their criminal trial for the attack on Cider Riot on 5/1/19. You can read a write-up from local news here:

While the media has focused on the arrest of in , here antifascists report how they mobilized to push back against neo-Nazi + far-Right attempts to disrupt Pride + harass community members.

Since Friday, tens of thousands have taken to the streets + shut down freeways for reproductive freedom + autonomy, as clashes broke out with brutal riot police + fascist groups like the Proud Boys. Roundup!

Kickin' off Mayday with the Antifa Shirt of the Month for Red & Anarchist Skinheads Bogotá - 100% of proceeds goes to them. Ltd. time only, get yours here:

Our comrades in Atlanta Antifa put out this video a few weeks ago on the fascist forces in the current Russian invasion of Ukraine, on both the Russian and Ukrainian sides. It's longer, but worth watching.

A good rundown here from our comrades in Colorado Springs Antifa, breaking down an infiltration of the left there by the local police. Studying these operations by the state is important, and reflecting on them helps strengthen our security culture.

Ayyy! We just hit 400 followers! WELCOME FOLKS! Dropping some cool stuff tomorrow for you to check out, we promise!

Hello fediverse. We've been busy off of here putting together a page on our site with as many clear faces and username connections as we can from the release. Check it out, and if you have any info on the fascists therein, send an email to either our email ( or or to

Hey all, as you can tell, we've migrated from ACP to and are thrilled to be here!

We were concerned about the following moderation against @WANaziWatch:

We must build infrastructure that is resilient to attacks against our work. To the admins and moderators of kolektiva, thank you for welcoming us here.

Hello fediverse.

On 11/10 we experienced hardware failure that took out servers offline for two days.

Some faulty memory corrupted our hard drive and it took quite some time to restore 1.5TB of memes!

If you can, send some 🌯💲 to our Bitcoin or Liberapay page to get better equipment

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