Most (dare I say all?) of the dead white euro “great men,” were catastrophically wrong at least some of the time, and that’s fine to acknowledge actually

@RiotLinguistics I hate how many "great men" are scrubbed of their characters, on top of the fact that they were often given too much credit. Benjamin Franklin is probably one of my favorite examples. The man was an absolute horndog, was not faithful to his wife and helped other men in their infidelity. Of course, this is often omitted from people's understanding of him and was purposely censored by the US government. It was used as evidence for overturning laws on obscenity in writing a century later.

Also, some of his politics were strikingly redistributionist. Many of his writings are strikingly similar to what an USian would call "communism." 😅


@TheAntichrist probably also a massive racist and general piece of shit lol. Good ol’ “great” colonists

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