... 7 issues of Endless Struggle, one of the finest political punk zines of its time (1988 - 1990) uploaded to the Mara Cagol Memorial Library ...


... Arm The Spirit was an autonomist/anti-imperialist journal published in Toronto between 1990 and 2000 ... almost 2000 publications uploaded to date ... anti-fascism/armed struggle/guerrilla/ prison struggle/black liberation/anarchism/marxism /anti-racist action/profane existence/love and rage/endless struggle/prison news service /death to the klan/ ecomedia/on the prowl/antifa forum/more/english/french / spanish/german/italian/japanese/dutch/turkish/more


... Urban Vietcong ... the song is about “dismissed workers who decide to seize the boss” and, at the end of the video, there is a quote that reads “the workers will return to winning when the bosses return to being afraid of them” ... strike one to educate one hundred ... Urban Vietcong ...

... rebel tunes for rebel times ... songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle ...


"Every single one of the fifteen tracks on “The Times Have Never Changed“ is delivered with a political conviction that few bands can match, and every single target of their fury is hit with a precision attack that is born of vintage punk rock and hardcore. The end result is that “The Times Have Never Changed“ is the perfect soundtrack for the dumpster fire that is 2020" (The Punk Site)


The Fallout - One Last Struggle

From "The Times Have Never Changed" CD out on Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete ... songs of union, inclusion, solidarity and struggle, agit-p(r)op punk

It’s happening again
Our bleeding hearts are overflowing
Spilling out into the streets
You tell me one more time
No one can change the world
That’s exactly what they say
Every time we come close to overthrowing
All our despair they hope to shatter our dream of global unity

Afterboltxebike: anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, agit-prop punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

7" coming shortly.

“Marxist Agitation” is the name of their latest release, a three song EP of anti-capitalist, class-struggle, combat-core. It’s out now and up on the Discos Machete, Dure Realite, Incendiario and Rebel Time Records bandcamp pages.


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