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TL;DR - ’s federal lawsuit against four former members is ongoing

They can’t be allowed to use their power to intimidate others, but in order to match their wealth & resources, we need your help

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The Satanic Temple cannot help you get an abortion, and it does not deserve your support

Unfortunately, this is disappointing, boring news, so it travels much slower than the misinformation that they have a secret, magic legal hack no one has tried before

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Most people are aware that a U.S. Supreme Court seat is a lifetime appointment, but many don’t realize that — from a certain perspective — so are all politicians.

The EPA was never going to do anything meaningful to stop climate change, it’s up to us to do that.

cis people ask for my gender but are unwilling to fund the research needed

PDX pol / landlords 

Portland city council voted today to rollback renter protections that kept landlords from arbitrarily docking security deposits. So, now Portland landlords are once again able to do things like decide that the carpet needs to be replaced, no matter what condition it's in, and quote you 100% of your deposit for their labor.

racial & reproductive justice in the US, how to help 

Black women in the South have been bracing for Roe's fall for decades:

if you live in a state that still has access to abortion, especially if that access seems pretty secure for now, consider becoming a regular donor to a reproductive justice organization in the South, such as those mentioned in this article:

don't fucking "vote harder."

become ungovernable.
become dangerous.

The Satanic Temple cannot help you get an abortion, and it does not deserve your support

That is the conclusion of legal scholars, reproductive rights journalists, abortion access orgs, and former members

like, no matter how much i say this i feel like i'm talking to a brick wall

the democrats *won* today

their only serious opponent, their voter base, just had a significant blow to their morale, and unless something is significantly different this time then the only way this can manifest politically is people either showing up to vote for them or people retreating from political life altogether

their mission isn't to wrest control of the state from the republicans, it's to defend it from *you*. it's only you who's losing, not the democrats, and the only political mistake being made is your continued fixation on them

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today is a day for keening

some will keen with tears, others with fire

let everyone wail in their own ways & don’t obstruct them

the blood of grapes is wine

the blood of billionaires, Liberty

@QueerSatanic ethical meat substitute found

1. Acquire billionaire
2. With the power of MAGIC (mechanically automated goring into commodities) turn them into steaks
3. Decellularize their tissue and recellularize with cow or pig sells harvested from still alive pets (all you need is a small sample)
4. Eat billionaires with less/no risk of prions
5. Frolick with happy cows after eating a bezos burger

Now we have a request for our community. One of our core organizers is experiencing medical issues requiring substantial bills. Please consider that this person would, and probably has, helped you in the same situation. Now they need us.

Donate here:

⤴️Share this post, don't just like it. We really need to flex this networks capabilities here and show up for our comrade.

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👋This network has grown substantially in the short time it's been around. So much of that effort has been done by a very small group of core organizers.

✊Folx who always show up, and do the actual work of networking, recruiting, and organizing the events and actions we've taken together.

consuming billionaire blood is actually MORE VEGAN than eating a plant-only diet

it's like carbon-capture technology

assuming everyone you meet is triple-A until proven otherwise

what's AAA? Agender, asexual, and aromantic

Its Wednesday, you know what that means. Lay flat. No bosses, no landlords. :acab:

always a delight to have young teens come in and flood us with questions from "is this mexican music?" (it was klezmer) to "what's a condom?" (we have a bunch of free condoms)

we're not health professionals but we're always happy to chat about sexual health!

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