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Hello. I am really desperate, I need less than 1 week to finish paying for my previous house to be able to move to my new house that I have been living in for a short time. if you can help me i appreciate it plz

Pp: Paypal.me/JenniferCabllo
K: ko-fi.com/bigshotjemmar

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@OttoMatticBaby $bosscourtney23 pls it help me and my daughter were homeless and no food living out of a car

CW: utter bullshit

This degree of detachment from reality is a danger to others.
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During yesterday's hearing on abortion rights, the GOP's main witness claimed that D.C.'s electrical company powers the lights with incinerated fetuses.

Republicans aren't even trying to make their lies sound plausible anymore.

Read more: salon.com/2022/05/19/fetus-pow

"We investigated ourselves and found no wrongdoing. In fact, we think we deserve a promotion."
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US exonerates itself. US military review finds US military didn’t violate law in the airstrike that killed dozens of people in Syria, including women and children. militarytimes.com/news/pentago

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Goodmorning My mom needs a little help can anyone send $75 to have GROCERY & buy DIAPER for my baby & buy my mom MILK anlene 🙇‍♀️
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I’m disabled by chronic pain & I desperately need help. Tests on my TMJ came back (details below) and I finally have a real treatment plan but I need at least $7,800 just to start phase 1. Please share this if you can’t donate, I’m to the point I can barely talk or even eat 😞🙏

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The Sri Lankan Prime Minister abruptly resigned yesterday after angry protestors lit his home on fire

I guess nobody told the Sri Lankan people that they're supposed to be civil civically lmao

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After Target workers at Store 1292 in Christiansburg, VA were ignored by corporate regarding their seniority pay petition, they have now filed for an NLRB election to collectively bargain through the @NRVIWW


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me looking at you and wondering why tf you're not in my chat for MUGEN MONDAY

live now! get in here!


It's over on @DexterChacko's stream. Get in here for the insanity and the return of Dong Dong Never Die

"Play by the rules set forth for you, peasants."

No one has any authority to tell you how to express yourself. Not even the state and its "free speech zones" and permits.
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Please don't protest at people's homes.

Please don't intrude on people attending their houses of worship.

Organize politically, be civil civically.

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Please remember today that your server, your barista, your cashier, and anyone else you come across may very well be a mother, spending their Mother’s Day making your Mother’s Day special. Show kindness (: & tip well 😉

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On , we repeat that every person who can give birth to a child deserves self-determination at every point in the process.

We owe the Supreme Court and cops nothing. They exist to oppress.

We owe each other solidarity. That's how we stay free.


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Urgent help! We got money for rent and bills this month but we need help for groceries. $100 needed ASAP, we're small muslim family. I'm single Momma who verbally, physically abused by ex hubby. Every little bit helps❤️ paypal.me/nanashb

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@Psybernetic Hi friends please we urgently need your help to boost. We need help for groceries today, goals only $100. Boost/reply for visibility twitter.com/mcdonaeld/status/1

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Thread: It is a form of torture to force a woman to carry a pregnancy and give birth against her will. As a teen, I was coerced into "giving up" my infant daughter. The overarching message was that, as a single woman, I was not capable of parenting my child, that a white, /1

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I finally put together a GoFundMe to help get me out of my abusive household and secure access to HRT.

If you can't donate, please share. It would genuinely mean the world to me.


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There are only 7 abortion clinics serving all of Indiana.

Some of our members are working on support for the clinic workers at Whole Women's Health Alliance in South Bend, Indiana.

WWHA clinic workers have been stressed out and exhausted, they need community support!

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