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Can you please share this? An indigenous youth from my tribe has been missing since November 2021.

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We are not subjects of a State founded upon law, but members of a society formed upon revolution. Revolution is our obligation: our hope of evolution.

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Georgians, don't let a bunch of vigilantes take away your right to vote. Governor Kemp signed a law () that allows any Georgian to challenge any other citizen's right to vote.

Find out if you've been challenged by visiting: savemyvote2022.org

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Help the @PMA_Union stay strong and hold the line, (if you’re able to) donate to their Strike Fund today: Tinyurl.com/397strikefund

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hi! I am desperately in need for help. I need my insulin to bring my blood sugar back down. It’s $245 That’s all I need. I’m not asking for a windfall, just a little help, please. RT and donate.

"The voluntary exchange of goods and services" is trade. Capitalism is much, much newer and far narrower in scope than trade. Call out any attempt to describe capitalism as anything other than a relationship with production loudly and frequently.
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Defining capitalism as "the voluntary exchange of goods and services" is a facade that hides the entire process of how resources (natural and human) are forcefully claime…

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PLease dont ignore i need some help for my mom's dialysis i badly need some help for her treatment today we need $200 for her session, my wage from my work can only cover 1 to 2 session of her treatment a week i badly need some help for 1 today

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it’s that time if year: heat season. if your landlord is forcing you to live in the cold you can and should organize against it! hit us up

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Capitalists create poverty...
and then criminalize it.

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I absolutely hate doing this but money been really tight, I am Single Momma. Work is unstable, we running out of groceries and we really need some help, only $75 needed. All we can afford is just our electric and water bills this week. paypal.me/nanashb

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Wholesome outreach activity like this is the bread and butter of anarchist daily practice.

You can download all our zines here and start your own literature distribution:


…except the zine version of "Your Politics Are Boring…", which is new to us. twitter.com/NACeugene/status/1

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Are people combatting hierarchy within your organization, or leaning into it?

Are those with more informal power and authority within your organization acknowledging this, or acting like it doesn’t exist?

How does your organization make you feel, all the professed values aside?

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If you’re queer and housing insecure please reply with your cash links, go find mes all of that.

Everyone else please boost. Maybe we can do a little good today.

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A racist yt woman who lied out the ass abt her circumstances, what she needed money for & how she was gonna use it can get 100k in like two days, but I'm fundraising, w/ evidence, for a housing emergency that's a serious health threat to 2 adults and 2 kids but can't even hit 1k

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I'm not used to asking for help, but I need it urgently. I have lived on the street with my daugther for 1year.I have a 1year old daugther, her father abandoned us, I don't have a job or food. I'm trying to survive this with her.

Send donation or share🙏

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