In defense of Yaqui territory and for the freedom of Fidencio Aldama

October 21-22 in Loma de Bácum, Sonora.

"I love RDTW. Projects that link up those of us inside with free world activism are the best kind of project for me. The War Chest has benefited so many of us, myself included, and I feel really blessed to have folks come out, lace up, and keep us alive out there..."

Anarchy Always, antifascism everywhere,

Love & Solidarity, EK

Eric King #27090-045

USP Florence ADMAX

PO Box 8500

Florence, CO 81226

Michael Kimble is a passionate freedom fighter who has been held captive for nearly 35 years for defending himself during a homophobic attack. A long-time anarchist writer and activist, help Kimble and his support crew hire a new legal team!

"Que no claudicaremos en nuestra lucha desde la cárcel y desde los territorios, ni tampoco decaeremos en la solidaridad activa hacia nuestros peñi en huelga de hambre".

Comunicado de los presos políticos Mapuche en la cárcel de Lebu

Palabras del prisionero subversivo Juan Aliste ante la semana de agitacion y solidaridad con lxs prisionerxs anarquistas y antiautoritarixs


Last week to register for
–> Deadline is next Friday!

Your solidarity goes a long way in providing financial and material support to 17 and supporting the work of MXGM Philly! Running is not required. You can walk, roll, skip, cheer, etc. All participation is welcome!

Register today at:

Rally for Xinãchtli + Commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the death of Ricardo Flores Magón. November 21 in Austin, Texas

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