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Please feel free to boost or like anything I’ve tooted, regardless of how long ago I tooted it or any other reason that’s stopping you. I won’t be creeped out or judgy about it.

Toots are forever and that also means I forever don’t mind hearing what you think about my toots. If I do end up growing a mind about some of my toots, you won’t find them here so there’s nothing to worry about

Pinned post This toot made me think about the environment in which it is necessary to state that speech must be free. That necessity is powerful but the fact that it’s necessary to stick up for free speech is itself an indicator of the nature of that environment.

Idk if that’s what you were going for but I appreciate that this is what you stirred within me.

My biases say that those other things likely are related to nazi shit.

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The more someone knows about me, the better they can craft narratives, marketing campaigns, political campaigns, and propaganda to lie to me.

It’s not just that I don’t actually need what they’re selling but that what they’re selling is always more than just products.

To believe a lie is to remove oneself from the real world. I don’t need to make it easier for anyone to put me in their lie. I’m still trying to figure out my own lies.

Personal privacy and internet hygiene matter.

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I’m getting better at remembering that it’s really really tough for human beings to always be perfectly accurate or precise about how pr what they communicate.

I have a lot of very good examples of myself making such failures, but it’s unjustifiably harder for me to remember others are also human.

Language is inherently vague—terms can be broad or narrow, sentences can be imperfectly constructed, the exact right word can escape oneself. Add in other influences such as the speaker’s


Moving Instances/Need Advice 

Last time (and the first time) I chose an instance, it was based on what I wanted in my local TL. Overall, I think I mostly right about that BUT, that TL is always available so long as the new instance fedis with Kolektiva. So nothing lost.

Anyone have a good tip on how to choose an instance?

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I must say I like this tweet.
Though I think the boomers just can't relate to today's struggle and are helping not for fear of more expensive coffee but an actual will to help ^^

Kolektiva/Instance Pol 

In light of recent events and previous similar events--I will be leaving

I knew the admins have been asleep at the wheel for some time. Some of that is to be expected with volunteer based services.

But it's now very clear that there are real problems here arising from more than deep misunderstandings between various users, mods, and admins.

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WELP! I guess it's time for more bullshit! I thought I'd been done with this but some cats don't know how to do right, sooo! ^_~

The admins of hit me up after gaslighting me a ways back over some shit (detailed here: with eris. I didn't expect to

A. Get gaslit by apologists for strasserite paedos, n also

B. to have a mealymouthed semi-apology ootb

Of course I felt fit to reply ^_^

Fedi aint shit. The instance/mods of Kolektiva is/are a bad joke.

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Uncomfortable fact: people don't give a shit about software freedoms when you make it really hard to actually use them.

I just learned of this website's existence:

My reading list may never recover

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For every parent, for every kid, death to the usa and all kyriarchist social order.

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I have finally found a beginning knapping video that explains stuff in an accessible way while illustrating it in images and examples.

Very excited.

If you want to spend 49 minutes watching an attractive person explain stuff and bang rocks together, here's your chance:

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if you're listening to the voices of white leftists in the Fediverse, without thinking about black revolutionaries murdered by the state would have to say about it, you're fucking up.

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At the root of our disposability culture is the belief that our stuff depreciates as soon as we touch it.

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10 Principles of Healing from Trauma 

1. Your trauma was your experience, it happened to you, it didn't happen to someone else.

2. Other people are there to listen.

3. You are a sane human being who has lived through insane circumstances.

4. Your thoughts about what happened do not have to form a singular linear narrative.

5. Your feelings do not have to be consistent about it.

6. You can't turn back time.

7. Your creativity is an ally in this.

8. If you need someone else's opinion and feel like you might benefit from it, ask for it.

9. You lead the way and do what you feel is right.

10. Although you may have had a particularly difficult experience, you can learn so much from it.

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hey imagine your political stance being "i literally do not care about people who aren't me"

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and at the same time, mutual aid and black and indigenous identity are conflated with antifa. so you have people who think that because I give out free food and wear my hair in a braid, I am liable to hang them from a street lamp. they, then, use that seemingly reasonable series of decisions, to decide that I am a threat, and preemptive violence is warranted. so I have random white people in North Carolina harassing me for being native, because of white people in Portland

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if y'all wouldn't mind, who should I follow in the fediverse? except for the personal updates from friends, my timeline here seems fairly irrelevant to my interests.

I know there is the trunk service, and if I don't improve my feed this way, I will use that.

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Dear men my age: you know what’s better than making yet another egocentric podcast about your hot takes and clickbait opinions? A good therapist. Trust me. I did it. It’s good. #kthxbai #LifeHack

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