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@whalefall This toot made me think about the environment in which it is necessary to state that speech must be free. That necessity is powerful but the fact that it’s necessary to stick up for free speech is itself an indicator of the nature of that environment.

Idk if that’s what you were going for but I appreciate that this is what you stirred within me.

My biases say that those other things likely are related to nazi shit.

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The more someone knows about me, the better they can craft narratives, marketing campaigns, political campaigns, and propaganda to lie to me.

It’s not just that I don’t actually need what they’re selling but that what they’re selling is always more than just products.

To believe a lie is to remove oneself from the real world. I don’t need to make it easier for anyone to put me in their lie. I’m still trying to figure out my own lies.

Personal privacy and internet hygiene matter.

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I’m getting better at remembering that it’s really really tough for human beings to always be perfectly accurate or precise about how pr what they communicate.

I have a lot of very good examples of myself making such failures, but it’s unjustifiably harder for me to remember others are also human.

Language is inherently vague—terms can be broad or narrow, sentences can be imperfectly constructed, the exact right word can escape oneself. Add in other influences such as the speaker’s


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Me: I'm such a good rich person...(I say as my Zeppelin flies over my private island and I search for my human quarry)...I mean it is just a tranquilizer gun unlike Bezos

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if you have 2/3 of a computer, you basically have 0 computers. if you have 2/3 of a donut, you basically have a donut. this is one reason why computers are so bad.

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How Often Do Police Use Tasers on Teens? Experts Want More Data.

No one knows how many youths are struck by tasers. Experts say there is a severe lack of data and scientific research.

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Folks who tell you that the language of class struggle cannot be co-opted by the machine, have clearly never watched an episode of Tucker Carlson. They also clearly missed the last 80 years of fetishizing support for the middle class; Reagan, Nixon, Goldwater, oh yeah and the actual NAZI party, and fascism as a whole - what is "National Socialist" if no co-opting class struggle to do fascism?

Please stop listening to "journalists" who've never read a book about socialism in their lives.

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The term "intellectual property" also leads to simplistic thinking. It leads people to focus on the meager commonality in form that these disparate laws have—the they create artificial privileges for certain parties—and to disregard the details which form their substance: the specific restrictions each law places on the public, and the consequences that result. This simplistic focus on the form enourages and "economist" approach to all these issues.

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us politics, 8chan/8kun, qanon, arizona 

The primary subject of the documentary Q: Into the Storm is really Ron Watkins, the ex-administrator of 8chan/8kun.

The documentary concludes with Cullen (the documentarian) kind-of getting Ron right up to the point of admitting that he was probably Q all along, or at least one of the people posting as Q and actively stoking the "Stop the Steal" conspiracy theory.

It then flashes forward a couple months were Ron has now left his "job" of admin for 8chan and rebranded himself as an "election security expert" and is on his way to the United States post-1/6 to sell his services to Republican legislatures looking into election irregularities.

The documentarian and other researchers have access to various telegram groups were Ron has been feeding daily game plans to the Arizona election "audit" workers, including such gems as the bamboo ballot conspiracy.

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Men will literally ask you if you have the time to listen to them whine about nothing and everything all at once instead of going to therapy.

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flowless isn't a brand. he's real, and he's my friend who helps me hunt dragons

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and the benefit of this is zero; self-driving vehicles are a solution to a problem already solved by public transportation. functionally we have to conclude companies like uber prefer murder to allowing poor people to travel

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Propaganda comes from the Latin root Prostatus (for prostate) and pagandum (to gander at). It literally translates to "to take a gander at the prostate." This is an allusion to how prostate checkups are lies told by big government and the LGBT to trick you into gay situations.

-SUBTOOTS. I have a real problem with trying to figure them out and wasting 3 hours

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-Point-blank Music/TV/movie/book recommendations without explanation
-Celeb/Musician drama

Maybe I'll add to this list, we'll see.

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So I guess I’ll extend the courtesy as well

Things I don’t want to hear about:
-Inside jokes
-Word play (yes, this is hypocritical—I’m trying to grow)
-Posts contributing to the creation of a hive mind by posting stream of consciousness or exclusively based on a user’s current emotional state
-Complaints/brags about coding
-All video games of any kind from any time period
-Apologies for capitalism, militarism, racism, western civilization, democracy, or liberalism

I appreciate a list of dis-interests.

There’s so much stuff on the fedi TL that’s like funny or fun for ten seconds but isn’t the content that compels me to sign in. Most profiles seem to be like 97% that with the remaining 3% reserved for real shit.

It makes me want to mute them all but…I like the 3%—and maybe one day that 3% will be 50% and I have FOMO.

But when someone makes a list of dis-interests and some of those items are what I’m looking for—that’s a comfortable insta-mute.

Thank you

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Have questions about mass surveillance? Ask NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and EFF's panel of experts today at noon Pacific Time!

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