You dont need to wash your clothes it's a myth created by big soap to stop u from wearing ur coolest outfits 5 days in a row

meaningful way which way the reason for us colectivising in the first place. I'm hoping that comes fall when fire is no longer an issue we'll b we able to get back to Fallout Camp and that project. I'm also hoping we'll be able to keep this project together and running simultaneously. If anyone in the area wants to help out email us for location info at We can always use material donations here or cash donations at Thanks for the support already given. -B

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needle exchange from the fixed location. We're still going to do our twice weekly route we've been doing too. We put out a table which were keeping cooked meals, snacks and water available on. It sucks waking up to the sound of the freeway rather then birds but this is how 1000s of people are living in Portland as victims of oppressive capitalism. Regardless of what sounds we wake up to we're contacting more people this way which will lead to more opportunities to aid the community in a

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Within a couple days a mass of police and FD came to assault us. We had already seen this coming and had moved. At 30 acers it's a good size forest for the city, but not enough to stay hidden with our kitchen and everything else in tow. So we decided to refocus what we're doing. We've moved out of the forest to a nearby area with some good size camps scattered throughout the area. We set up a 100sqft shelter for our kitchen and room the hang out out of the sun and started doing distro and

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I kinda really pissed off the The City of Portland. I wrote several open letters and spoke at City Council and accused them of trying to kill us. Which I absolutely feel they were trying to do by not allowing our camp to resupply water during a heat wave. The city got around the settlement agreement which regulates how they can remove camps and how much notice they need to give by passing new rules regarding fire safety and declared the forest we were living in a major fire risk.

We can also take donations at $radicalcamping and

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Houseless support tent for I205 area, organized by Bernard Michell

We are pdxhrc, a collective located in Portland Or. We are largely houseless pe… Bernard Michell needs your support for Houseless support tent for I205 area

Hi, I’d really appreciate it if you would share or donate to this GoFundMe.

intention of reaching that point however. When it gets to a point I'll deal with my own death however I see fit. Hopefully in a way which can be useful. I appreciate all the support, mutual aid is building the systems we will need after the state topples. It's as important to this revolution as anything else. Thanks to all the amazing people working on these projects as well as all revolutionary work. As always we need help with donations. Supplies we can distro as well as $ at $radicalcamping

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On another note I would like to let folks know the I (Bernard) received some grim news from my doctor a few days ago. I am going to be checking out of this world in the not so distant future. The time between now and then will be unpleasant to say the least. I have something called Autoimmune encephalitis. I've had it since birth but wasn't aware. Really it answers many questions regarding my physical and mental health history. I am going to become crippled and loose my mind. I have no

but keep our resources, power generation, wifi, available and serve meals and make common area available during those times. For now we're going to refocus on outreach through distro, needle exchange and education. As well as offering more assistance with actions at other camps. We're uniquely about to move our tents and resources to other campsites and help holding them down when most people have to be away. We don't have to worry about home/work life. If we can assist anywhere please contact

there themselves. Until we can work out better ways to deal with these types of situations we feel we must retract our open invitation. People who need a place are still welcome. However when dealing with people who are not specifically interested and a leftist communal mutual aid based situation were going to had have to be more selective. We are looking for ways to solve this issue. One possibility is setting up a second camp nearby to function independently

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stories of the terrible anarchists at Fallout Camp abusing their authority. Authority which we realize we have and try very hard to never wield, we're anarchists after all. This must recent instances resulted in our ability to organize and assist with a defense action we were asked to help with by the camp needing defense was impeded by the rumor mill and the action of one person listening to greavences and taking them as truth without asking anything from other who were there let alone being

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We have taken a stance at Fallout Camp thus far that anyone who needs a safe campsite is welcome. That is going to have to change for the time being. While most people who have come to stay with us have worked out great in our community there have been a couple of instances where the one and only real rule - No violence or threats of violence - was unable to be followed, even after warnings that it would not be tolerated. Both times individuals were asked to leave. Both times they did so with

and the fact it's kids we find protecting this place of utmost importance. After 3 days were exhausted and could use some backup from those capable of physical resistance. We could also use donations as we are spending quite a bit on the camps needs. (They can put away some weed) cash app $radicalcamping or online at Thanks

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ANY COMRADES I PORTLAND OR. A homeless youth camp has been repeatedly attacked. From slashing tents to beatings to literally running over tents on the sidewalk with people in them. Our collective has been organizing defence for three days not. The runner over got got last night but fled his wrecked car on foot. Chad's have been lighting tents on fire across town. We'd wish they could all be protected but it's not possible. This youth camp has taken more then their share of violence for that

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