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be drinking if but everything else. The mutual aid fund is almost non existent at this point. If anyone can throw a few bucks our way $radicalcamping. Or if you're in the PDX area and have things or skills we could use hit us up. We changed the address it's now email also switched too the new domain. Ask the old ones will forward so its no big deal.

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Our website is finally up. with info on our projects and ways to help our.

Scott Datesman Keeler is a threat to our community.

Scott is 42yrs old, resident of Portland, Oregon. Scott masquerades as a journalist by the pseudonym name "WhatRiot", formerly "endsoundtrack".

Scott is abusive and misogynistic against his peers, especially women.

If you figure out where we are please keep it to yourself 😐🤨

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We started a journal covering progress on our communal campsite project. There is more information about the project on our website which is the new url. The old one will forward to the new one still. Here is the first issue. In the gallery are some photos from lents park yesterday where the police killed a unarmed houseless person while running away with hands up.

be drinking if but everything else. The mutual aid fund is almost non existent at this point. If anyone can throw a few bucks our way $radicalcamping. Or if you're in the PDX area and have things or skills we could use hit us up. We changed the address it's now email also switched too the new domain. Ask the old ones will forward so its no big deal.

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Well it's seems a temporary victory has been achieved at LaurelhurstPark camp in past CalledPortlandOr. The city counsel negotiations with Stop The SweepsPDX had the city agree not to sweep. For now at least. We are at our homecamp now getting prepared. Just got our first bathroom set up and solved the freshwater problem when we discovered an old fire hydroent. So

We could use power strips so more folks can plug in at once, deep cycle batteries and inverters so people can bring power to their tents. Our mutual aid fund is down to under $100 so any donations of useful items or cash are greatly appreciated and are distributedto folks based on need w/no strings attached and no judgments. CA - $radicalcamping current location - Laurelhurst camp other contact info available on our website.

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We are now custodians of this1 2000wt generator providing power to folks at Laurelhurst Park Camp in so-called Portland, OR. We have been posted up here for over a week helping with the so far successful defence from sweeps.

Press Conference happening now at laurelhurst park about stop the sweeps. Someone from our collective will be speaking soon.
Sorry if twitter links sent allowed but it is what it is

There is a press conference Friday at noon at the Laurelhurst Park camp in so-called Portland, Or. Would be a good opportunity to come out and show solitary with houseless residents and activists who have been working together to protect this community from sweeps. Show the world that in Portland we stand for the rights of all people. We are still camped here with the community and are not leaving.

. Paying to ride a bus across town for services is not feasible when you have basicly nothing. Any progress made is lost. That is only one example of sweeps harming ourcomunity, there are many more. This is how the revolution happens. When we come together as a community, defend one another from those in power, and build effective networks for mutual aid we show there is a better way. We can all have our bread. Also, fuck the police.

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addiction. I speak from many years experience when I say that the actions the city takes are a lot more than a inconvenience to houseless people. Not having an address is bad enough. By forcing us to move around constantly they make getting out of the situation all but .impossible. Where folks get services from traditional non-profits depends on where they are sleeping at night

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The action today defending the was successful at preventing the city from violently forcing people out of their homes and disrupting their lives. It doesn't end there though. We need to hold it down and show that we won't stand for these harmful destructive actions againsed our community. We still need people there to fand off Ted's goons.--

-- I'm almost 40 and have spent probably 3/4 of my adult life houseless for everything from by choice to battles with

City contractors showed up at Laurelhurst Park in so called Portland Or to begin stealing houseless people's belongings. All they got was a quick lecture and a little motivation to kick rocks from the 100 or so folks who began gathering in the early morning to oppose the inhumane removal by city and police. The street is blocked, breakfast is served and we're not going anywhere

We're set up here at Laurelhurst Park working along side Stop The Sweeps PDX for as long as necessary to help defend a houseless community from the city. The police are coming sometime after 12:01 to remove a houseless community who has done nothing to harm anyone. Anyone in the Portland Or area who wants to help resist be here as early as possible or join us overnight as the cops can start sweeping at 12:01 am. Don't allow the use of violence by the state against the most vulnerable populations

2021 stop thinking of liberals as allies or even the lesser evil challenge. Really seems like this one should take care of itself, but old beliefs die hard I guess.

We need comrades to help defend these people from state violence aimed at causing further harm to the houseless community. Dm us here or hit us up at

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Comrades in Portland, we're hanging out at Laurelhurst Park with some houseless folks camping at the edge of the park, only using a small section. They aren't hurting anyone but as usual the wealthy neighbors don't want any poor in their neighborhood. The police are coming Tuesday morning. We're working with Stop The Sweeps PDX to resist this inhumane removal of people who only ask to as lay their heads in a place of their choosing.

Check out our coverage of Portland City Council pretending they care about houseless people and the changes to City laws which will ban us from public spaces.

We're publishing news and commentary on current events effecting houseless people from the perspective of houseless people with a radical left viewpoint.


Thanks to Portland Food Not Bombs we have this worked out now. Thanks for the support helping get our toots to more comrades

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We are looking for a comrade locally in Portland Or with a address we can use to receive mail and packages. The address we've been using won't be available in a week due to an eviction. We need to be able to shop online as we have limited funds and some stuff isn't available locally cheap enough.

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