Resistance that takes the form of petty vaccine boycots misses the actual and continual infringement of our autonomy
that is the shitfuckery of capitalism and

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The control and apathy of the population is ensured by the long lasting grasp of capitol on public institutions, decades of propaganda efforts, the kind of hegemonic control that makes us think there is no option, that ties our safety and shelter to work. There is no need for the insane mind control shit that conspiracy theorists believe, our complacency was long since secured.

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Ok hear me out. It's a grind band where every track is just a recording of somebody cutting through hostile architecture armrests with an angle grinder but we add screaming and blast beats. Get it? Cause the tool is called an angle grinder and grind is a genre of music? Am I funny? Anyway hire me to make your next album cover.

Alt text: Black and white photo of a park bench with the text "Angle Grinder obliterate hostile architecture" stylized to look like a grind album

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