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Newly radicalized from this past summers protests. Took time to reflect on what were at the time, my just very general leftist politics after hearing people calling for abolishment of the police. Unlearned some shit (still am unlearning!), read a bunch, eventually read some Kropotkin and realized... “well shit, guess I always was an anarchist and didn’t know it!”

The FB purge happened and got fed up, so here I am. This is place MUCH better anyhow!

Love and Rage 🚩🏴🚩🏴

I just wanna say, in my city, a naked man stole a sheriff’s car, and then crashed it into a ditch. I’d like to shake this mans hand.

You're seeing it here first! On our latest podcast, we spoke with @PeterGelderloos about the last month of the Trump presidency and the coming to power of the neoliberal Center and thoughts on going forward.

@anarchist_environmentalist The Democratic Party has already co-opted and twisted identity and environmental politics, progressives are their attempt to co-opt class politics. Working within the system cannot bring systemic change. Reform can’t bring revolution. Don’t let progressives pacify you. (2/2)

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Progressives Aren’t Your Friend. Among leftists, the progressive wing of the Democratic Party are often praised. They shouldn’t be. Progressive politicians are controlled oppression. They co-opt revolutionary language in order to further legitimize capitalism and the state. They are not a threat to the status quo. (1/2)

If you're throwing out tactics that can move us closer to tangible goals, like housing as a human right, Medicare for all, fair food distribution systems, prison Abolition, police/ICE/Law Enforcement Abolition, well funded and functioning mutual aid networks, free education for anybody that wants it, harm reduction as policy, etc... then you don't really want these things. I'm not saying everyone needs to do every tactic, but everybody needs to keep an open mind tactically.

Eric King is given another 6 month mail restriction.

He can still receive books - help him out!

Also consider donating to the lawfirm that stepped up for him and others fighting oppression.

Not here to stand on the fuckin Hubris Soapbox but if you're gunna attack my character at least pick a flaw of mine besides "she requires money to live but doesn't like capitalism!!!¡!"; I have plenty to choose from.

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-Days Inn on Connecticut Ave & Yuma St NW surrounded by 20+ police vehicles, including Special Ops Division MPD, K9 units, Secret Service, and possible Parks Police SWAT. Have been present since at least 1615. List of which government-run public services will/will not be available in the coming days. Resources for rides & safe houses offered by the community

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transphobia, misgendering 

you know that specific type of transphobe who deliberately & persistently uses they/them pronouns for trans folks who exclusively use either she/her or he/him pronouns? it's so harmful in *so many* ways & i hate it.

every time the rights of such and such a minority come up, their military service is brought up? why? because marginalised groups are intrinsically suspect to white supremacy; participating in imperialist wars is means of proving their fundamental allegiance to it. america, a settler colony, predicates citizenship, in fact humanity, on willingness to do genocide

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"You should be grateful to have a job!"

No one should be grateful to have a job, coerced labor is uh not good

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