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Newly radicalized from this past summers protests. Took time to reflect on what were at the time, my just very general leftist politics after hearing people calling for abolishment of the police. Unlearned some shit (still am unlearning!), read a bunch, eventually read some Kropotkin and realized... “well shit, guess I always was an anarchist and didn’t know it!”

The FB purge happened and got fed up, so here I am. This is place MUCH better anyhow!

Love and Rage 🚩🏴🚩🏴

Cops are still running around like Klanboys, and blasting unarmed Black people.

And BLM has been protesting this shit since 2014, so don't even act like this a Trump issue. Or that this just started happening.

You know who opened the can of worms with police brutality?

Joe Fucking Biden

So when I stand with BLM, your goddamn fucking right I stand against that miserable racist dogshit you call a president.

He's had 50 years of politics, this is his fucking nightmare he started. He outta time

How can you best help Minneapolis, or any other city in the throes of police murder and terror?

Become ungovernable in your own city, it's as simple as that, whether your crew is 1 or 10 or 100.

(But if you have connections to MPLS, we should certainly wouldn't mind your boots on the ground here in the coming days/weeks, too).

Sooo youtube did a massively racist thing and limp dick denied it AND doubled down by doing the racist thing more effectively.

They’re not letting advertisers target videos based on keywords such as “black power”, “black lives matter”, or “black excellence” but have no problem allowing it when “white” is subbed in “black.”

One thing that really pisses me off about the typical prepper discourse is the “your preparedness is only for you, fuck everybody else” mentality. A) It’s fucking stupid, because even from a purely self-interested perspective, in an eco/economic/social collapse situation long-term survival will depend on cooperation with others. B) It’s fucking stupid, because sooner or later somebody will find out that you have a stash of supplies that you’re hoarding and rightly or wrongly will take them away.

Need info on phila pa squatting laws or better yet, squat defense tactics...
What angle can we use to try and get the city and housing authority to back off? What can we try to negotiate for the best outcome?


Damn, AFG is an abuser? You don’t say! Seen this in the kink scene and seeing it in leftist and antifascist circles is no surprise either, cis white men (like 90% of the time it’s white men lets face it) with “clout” will use that social and in his case also professional power advantage dynamic as cover for abusive and in his case also very risky behaviors security wise that endanger others. Wish I could say I’m shocked, it’s a damn shame and I hope those harmed are coping well and have support.

Today's theme is: fuck abusers

(And no, this is not just an Antifash Gordon toot, sadly)

We stand against abusers in our community.

We are in solidarity with those harmed by AntiFash Gordon.

We firmly stand in support of this statement of separation.

I think she wrote this without thinking it would still be read 150 years later, so contextual and historical notes are necessary.
It would be good to translate this work into English. Her memoirs, which also discuss the commune, are available here.

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Happy Asexuality Day comrades, ya’ll are valid as fuck.

Read an in-depth look at how the defense of the PATCO camp went and the narratives that surrounded the action in the lead up. Find the article on or

Read up on who's behind and likely to show up to the fascist march planned for this Sunday. The doxxes and details are on

Given the long history of police retribution and reprisals against people exercising their First Amendment right to record interactions with authorities, a U.S. court has upheld the ability of the public to secretly record police encounters.

the problem with capitalism is eventually you run out of other countries' resources

Inventing a new pseudoscience called “neurofinance” solely so I can author a book titled “Brain Sells”

Derek Chauvin was a police trainer. If it's your plan for cops to get better training, remember the training will come from people like him.

ah, easter. the christian holiday where people celebrate the time that jesus turned into a big egg, a passage which theologians call "one of the more explicitly horny parts of the bible"

It's a zombie economy. For 40 years, we've eroded workers' wages and transfered their share of profit and productivity to owners of capital. This is a problem, because people need money to buy things, and if they run out, they stop buying and profits vanish.

Time and again, capitalism has kicked any reckoning over this down the road. First came the great liquidation: pension cashouts, raided savings, reverse mortgages. Then came consumer borrowing, a tidal wave of unrepayable debt.


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