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Newly radicalized from this past summers protests. Took time to reflect on what were at the time, my just very general leftist politics after hearing people calling for abolishment of the police. Unlearned some shit (still am unlearning!), read a bunch, eventually read some Kropotkin and realized... “well shit, guess I always was an anarchist and didn’t know it!”

The FB purge happened and got fed up, so here I am. This is place MUCH better anyhow!

Love and Rage 🚩🏴🚩🏴

Really good episode of The War on Cars about accidents. It's an interview with the author of "there are no accidents" who makes the case that behind every "accident" is capitalist and government malfeasance. It also notes that so called accidents break down along class and racial lines.

people who claim that good texts or ideas are better with obfuscated wording and jargon to force some level of investment to engage with them are just seeking ways to delude themselves into feeling smarter and/or cooler

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It'd be a shame if someone publicly posted the filing for the lawsuit DC has filed against the Oath Keepers & the Piss Boys, seeing as how it contains home addresses & all...

TODAY - 6:30PM:
Philly ABC letter-writing event for Oso Blanco!

We're also streaming the film ‘Zapatista’ and sending greetings to political prisoners with b-days in December: Fred “Muhammad” Burton and Casey Brezik.

Join us on Jitsi at:

Fash got hacked 

This is truly beautiful... Epik fail.

This morning for 9/11 I took a blast from the past and read After The Fall, @CrimethInc's analysis from the end of September 2001 of that month's events. It's worth a look back to.

Truth added to a sign at so-called pike island (Wita Tanka), Bdote (so-called fort snelling), mn.

ID: A flooded highway from the aftermath of hurricane IDA in stolen Lenape Territory with graffiti sprayed onto an on off ramp barrier that states “Read Desert dot org”

The post that just got me a 30 day fb ban for promoting “terrorism” 🤣 🤣 🤣

Why will the UK 🇬🇧 news never ever mention Turkish war crimes?

Even the Jerusalem post acknowledges. Turkey backs ISIS.

It is insanity to think anything will change for the better if we can’t call out war crimes and genocide of a NATO member.

(Originally from the Giniw Collective) For the 1st time since active construction, Line 3 pipeline water protectors went to trial last Friday. Brock Hefel was convicted of a public nuisance misdemeanor and sentenced to 30 days in jail (twice was prosecutors asked for).

Climate crisis is here & the state is caging people brave enough to take action. "Be ready, get organized & don't leave anybody behind!"

More info in these slides with alt text:

Sort of slopping together these really easy little comics when I have a second is always nice. Really just trying to prove to myself that it’s okay to make things that aren’t that good.

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