Tankies who scream "ACAB!" crack me up because we all know they're just pissed that they aren't the cops.

So Stonetoss recently did a cartoon where a person wearing a Hammer & Sickle shirt was pointing at people in red baseball caps holding the American flag and screaming "Run! It's the wrong kind of authoritarianism" and now I am suffering cognitive dissonance and just a little bit of depression because - holy fuck - I actually agreed with a Stonetoss cartoon and I'm pretty ashamed of that

I had to stop frequenting the Facebook page Veterans of Leftist Infighting because it was making me homicidal. Tankies refuse to accept that there is NO GOOD AUTHORITARIANISM. The state's monopoly on violence is a bad thing whether the boot on your neck is a left or a right boot.

They can choke on my whole hog.

No the Nazis and fascists didn't win WWII

We just didn't shoot enough of them.

Considering where my head is at, maybe Jeff Bezos should be more careful about the products his company pitches to me:

I'm gonna go nuts watching all the gay pride Hammer & Sickle memes while thousands of gay and trans folx who died in the gulags for simply being what they are scream for justice from their graves

Leftists: A minority having land, labor, and tools at their disposal to shape society in a way to benefit the few while being protected by police and military doesn’t sound like anarchy to me.

Ancap: Have you considered that this minority having land, labor, and tools at their disposal to shape society in a way to benefit the few while being protected by police and military gives you more options of yogurt?

Simply say the word "socialism" -- and some people immediately think you want to start building gulags.

Me personally, I associate gulags with Soviet communism, not socialism. What I associate socialism with is democratically elected governments getting overthrown by the CIA.

I think all newborn males should be given reversible vasectomies and when they decide they want to have kids they literally have to pass an emotional intelligence and empathy test to have it reversed and if they don't well then they can go to a back-alley surgeon who uses a rusty scalpel and coat hanger to reverse it

Just puttin' it out there

centrist liberal: "I can't be racist because my Man's Best Friend is black!"

If I see one more "sexy Stalin" profile pic I'm gonna puke.

Time to piss some people off.

This is how I get around Anarchist Twitter's character limit.

If you ask most anarchists how they plan to change the world many of them will admit they're just winging it and trying to adapt as the world changes and adopt new models as the old ones are proven wrong.

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I HAVE read Marxist theory. And I find quite a bit of it to be compelling. But I don't think there is any "one size fits all" theory that can tackle the problems humanity faces.

That's why radical and unwavering Communists are a joke. They honestly think Marxist-Leninist communism and ONLY Marxist-Leninist communism can save the world.

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They don't seem to understand that to most of the world, those writers are absolutely boring AF, and it's better to suggest more entertaining writers who use Marxist theory in their work.

I am an anarchist, and Robert Anton Wilson's writing is still the hugest influence on my entire worldview, and especially the part where he insists that you cannot dogmatically believe anything without losing the ability for rational and open thought.

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The actual comic strip The Boondocks was Black Power Marxist agitprop and was so radical many newspapers moved it to the editorial section or got rid of it altogether. And Calvin and Hobbes laid bare the absurdity of the human condition so incredibly that it was almost impossible to believe yoou were reading a comic strip.

But that's not the kind of reading MLs mean when they smugly tell you to "read theory." They mean read Mark or Lenin or Mao or even - god fucking help me - Stalin.

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