Came back from my partner's doctor appt earlier, got to our building elevators and some guy who was waiting with us went and got in first then invited us in after - my partner was in her wheelchair so we decided to wait rather than try squeeze in. Shaking his head, he LAUGHED at us as he went off. Not sure what he got such a kick out of and found funny, but the prick cackled all the way up in the glass elevator - at least I gave him the finger as he did.

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One of these is considered so dangerous by the government that there are laws mandating that both speed and watt limits be baked into the controller. The other one can go as fast as the operator damn well pleases, but is merely *expected* to slow down when appropriate.

Also, one of these kills people every day and is very hard to see children or short adults in front of you when you're operating it.

Guess which is which.

#cars #CarsAreBad #carsruincities #fuckcars #bikes #bikegang #ebikes

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I realize this is not a new or original thought but whether it’s a big city, a neighborhood or a small town, the more a community caters to cars, the uglier and more unlivable that place becomes. #fuckcars

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Definitely a step on the right direction as I relied on LibreWolf for a time - and before that Brave (until I realised their CEO was ousted from Mozilla for being a bigot)

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#OtD 15 Jun 1917 anarchists Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman were arrested in New York City for opposing the WWI draft. They were later jailed, fined and deported to Russia

Facial Recognition Is Out of Control in India

The country’s use of biometric data against activists and “hooligans” paints a grim picture of how the technology is threatening human rights.

Phew, not just me being a dumbass then haha! Thank you so much for developing this and being so helpful with responses. We need apps like these for the Fediverse! So cool. Thanks again!

@mediaformat Thanks for your response over on Twitter! The FediEmbedi app is just what I was hoping for, so firstly, thank you! To answer your question, I'm on WordPress 6.0 using Neve theme. As mentioned, I am probably being really dumb and missing something here, but these are screenshots of the widget in place, and what it looks like on my website bottom right (even if I input different account details).

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Happy cost of living crisis to one and all: here are some fun Jubilee facts to bring out at street parties
The royals cost the taxpayer £76.1m annually, officially. Last year, the sovereign grant reports show the monarchy cost us £87.5 million during 2020/21 — a £18.1 million increase since 2019/2

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#OtD 3 Jun 1980 the world as we know it nearly ended when computers at the Strategic Air Command falsely indicated that Russian nuclear missiles were headed for the US and bombers were ordered to take off. Fortunately the order was cancelled 3 min later

If you're in the UK, have a lighter ready - there's a lot more butcher's aprons on display than usual for something called "The Queen's Jubilee."

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We've been working hard all week to bring you a fresh episode of System Fail.

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"But as I learned the real history of the , I’ve come to see that the organization isn’t about securing the rights of the people to defend themselves – but in fostering an auxiliary force against threats [to the State] from below..."

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#OtD 28 May 2013 during Turkish Occupy Gezi park protests, "woman in red" was pepper sprayed. The photo became one of the iconic images of the movement and the police violence in response to it.

Al-Qolaq lost 22 members of her family, including her mother, her only sister and two of her brothers, during the Israeli military offensive on Gaza last May.

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