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Ooh so time eh? Welcome to Mastodon, old and new users! I'm Jay Baker, longtime media activist now irreversibly known and regretting not acting in anonymity online the last 20yrs of rabble rousing! I'm an unpaid carer for my partner who has , as well as a freelance facilitator, illustrator, and copywriter. I love , coffee, comics, and pro wrestling, and am involved in my local branch. Links to other places I can be found are on my bio. Say hi!

capitalism isn't even about the money. it is simply about having power over people and knowingly, wantonly wasting their time.

how do i know? because sometimes they'll drag their feet on taking your money, but they're quite happy to make you waste your time working for it and trying to give them what they demanded under coercive circumstances.

And if anyone's interested in how I personally arrived at the Mutu model as the best approach for radical media, there's my particular perspective here on my site, fwiw:

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Also superb piece here for @Freedom_Press but sadly the email contact at the end bears no response for some time, so let me know if anyone is aware of anything going on regards Mutu:

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Interestingly, when this excellent piece was written for @libcom a few years ago, there were many comments expressing such enthusiasm to help create a UK-based model of the Mutu Network:

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CALL OUT! As many of you know, I'm keen to see a UK version of France's Mutu Network develop over here. I'm wondering if it's worth setting up at least a chat group to start some conversations and ideas around making it happen. Interested? Let me know!

Any recommendations? As I could really use another to replace my ancient one. A small refurb would be good, just need it for , basic video/photo and (and a lit keyboard would be nice). Cost is an issue, but happy to pay monthly. Hmm. Where to look?!

I can't seem to log in to my account on my current app. Anyone got any recommendations?

The death of Queen Elizabeth II and subsequent upcoming British "bank holiday" made me remember this beauty when her husband died:

I honestly will say when I first head about Collabora's LibreOffice online stuff I did not really see the purpose. Then I tried Google docs.
yeah holy shit please collabora give us an alternative that isn't that or office 365. Because, WOW, google docs is actually miserable as hell.
Yes, this is just from me having tried the word processor the other day and realizing it's just as bad as sheets

Before cameraphones I personally saw CNN do something similar, claiming that a crowd of anti-monarchist protesters in the Netherlands who even threw paint bombs at the royal carriage and waved red and black flags were people who came out to support the royal family...


I am lost for words.

Sky News reporting the Justice for Chris Kaba march as a tribute walk for the Queen's death.



#OtD 11 Sep 1986 violent protests by some 1,000 people in Oslo, Norway delayed a banquet in honour of Conservative UK PM Margaret Thatcher. Protesters were angry about her support of apartheid South Africa, colonialism in Ireland and pollution.

LMFAO literally crying with laughter at this mass collective tragic sickness across the UK: People throwing their takeaways in the trash "out of respect"; cancelling events "out of respect"; going into work "out of respect"; not going to work "out of respect"...

We honor the memory of our inspiring friend David Graeber, who passed away two years ago today.

Please read something he wrote this weekend.

You could start with this essay exploring how we can set long-term goals so as not to be caught off guard by our victories:

Lost in the Matrix – how police surveillance is mapping protest movements - Netpol

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