@MartinusBenders ik heb het helemaal gekeken. My God. Op het laatst zegt hij dat zij een punt heeft. Zo gaat dat dan weer gewoon wel passen kwa puntenverdeling.

Je kijkt hierna toch echt als een soort programma over dating rampen, die twee passen toch gewoon echt niet bij elkaar...

better to have 1 random anarcho-shitposter as a friend than 1000 facebookists who post shit.

I wrote a 712 page collected work in dutch, which is probably the most dense work on that market past 100 years. I didnt send it to any sort of regular media for review. I see orders are slowly growing, and let me invite some dutchies to both consider buying this book and to consider an alternative anarchist medium instead of flukebook.

I think there are lots of people who do not know the Holy Roman Empire existed untill 1806. It really did. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Rom

Okay, so there are lots of people in the mushroom group of Stamets on facebook that are bashing amanita muscaria. some out of ignorance i guess but I think some as stooges of some sort as well.

This is my first post here. Sick of facebook and I'll try draw my friends here. I like anarchist initiatives.


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