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Remember. To anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts or things of that nature. Life is resistances. Continue to resist friends.

The only way to gain true freedom, is to strike at the heart of authoritarianism.

“Live free or fucking die”
Hopefully you’re somewhere extremely peaceful now.

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We love you Newcastle we do!
Ooo Newcastle we love you!
(Non political post🤪)

Found out how much my company sells our product for. I need at LEAST a $50 an hour raise.

Remember, even if you think your job treats you well. It could all change in the snap of a finger. Join the IWW.

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If all the hell apps are down does that mean we get to go back to tumblr

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I dislike communism because it is undemocratic, and capitalism because it favors exploitation.
-- Bertrand Russell

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Tech Dystopia 

We live in a tech dystopia. Just watched Belarusian KGB unsuccessfully raid a mans house, one KGB dead and so is the suspect. The suspect had a camera set up recording the whole thing. While the KGB had camera men following. Wtf.

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Workers are consistently taken advantage of in every sense, and in every work place.

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