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If you don’t understand the horrid drug murders that happen where Im from, don’t try to shame me for leaving when drugs come around. They’ve literally ended people’s lives that I was close with. It’s my choice to leave and I will continue to. That’s also why I’m straight edge. Too many deaths over money and drugs.

Everyday of being a trade worker makes me hate trade workers. Until I find the 1 out of 100 that’s actually a decent human being.

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kinda personal 

Growing up without a father figure and having a male role model you look up to tell you that he’s proud of you 🥺thanks Eric. You won’t see this but whatever

Seeing my peers being groomed into politicians makes me fucking sick.

The amount of liberals I’ve seen openly excited about the rolling power outages in Texas and people dying is ridiculous. Sounds like a Republican argument about Syrian refugees. Fuck that. Thousands of poor working class people are dying. While the rich bask in their heat controlled homes.

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Learn basic labor movement history 2021 Challenge

Sorry for the inactivity, been having a tough time with life and work. After this week, things should improve, and we’ll be back❤️

After moving away from my hometown and hearing that every few weeks someone gets murdered, it’s tough and hard to comfort friends from 500 miles away. Keep your friends close ❤️

I can’t believe I’ve been too busy to skateboard, and when I’m not busy it’s fucking pouring. :/

We may not agree on everything, but let’s agree that,
“Nothing left inside”
“Scream” &
“Three Nights”
By Black Flag are the best punk/HC songs ever. 🏴

Happy Valentine’s Day comrades.
Maybe we could tear down the system together. 🥺

Vest is coming along nicely. Thanks to my partner for sewing the patches. 🏴

threatened violence towards LBGTQ 

My roommates, and not by choice may I add, told me that they wish it was still legal to “kill gays like they used to” not knowing about my sexuality. I slept with a knife under my pillow since they said that. Thank fuck they move out next week and I move next month.

“Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and, a deep heart. The really great people must, I think, have a great sadness on earth.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

I have such a deep hatred for the way things are, and the way the majority of humans think. Remember to have something to calm you down after a day of deep hatred for society. ❤️🏴

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