I finally got set up to screenprint for the Portland anarchist bookfair a couple of weeks ago. Printed and stenciled patches, stickers and paper prints all weekend. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table. So I set up an Etsy shop, for now it's patches on the cheap, but I will have stickers in stock soon.

Clocking recent California transplants

through tobacco smoke and
marching off vinyl overhangs,
light rain condensed to
proper applause
sleeping bag cluttered
dry bits
curtained water-veil

all achy thumbs,
downtown puddle town,
stiff poncho
willing self in a shadow
gaitered duck flock
polka dot parasol,
squinty, frowning
through leaf clogged

a pliably gendered
cascadian saunters by,
black three arrows hoodie
pleather skirt,
fishnets and
dirty hiking boots

Each promise, broken

You shall have from now till the
end of time
soverign rights

Leonard Peltier remembered
a solem adherence to due
quitely into his grave

Our shame

With each dwindling reservation
we remember our oath


The barbequed shar pei
could have been born into a better life
she might have been born
into a loving home
full of warmth, food,
and safety.
instead of these cages
that squeezed her soul
till the day she was eaten

The barbequed sow never had a chance

It's easier to be right

When you said I was controlling
the words came out
like a well used revolver
to rest on my forehead
as you could see
my intestines
rolling half-hitches
around my stomach

Is it just my weakness,
afraid to be seen
as just another patriarch,
to be used as an exclamation point
for any uncomfortable conversation
another clattering doorframe


Am I so enamoured
with debate and consensus
that I won't see
when you cannot hear another word

Full poem @ allpoetry.com/poem/14590586-It

Contemplating movement

Another young black man
on his way home from
a community driven
day of action
stereotyped and gunned down
in the street
amidst flashing blue and red lights

I think I'm having a feeling

Another heart broken trans-woman
is being intentionally mis-gendered
a one-sided sexualized fist fight
on a desolate side walk
the only thing shining
brighter than her bloody teeth
is her dignity

I think I'm having a feeling

Full poem @ allpoetry.com/poem/14592272-Co

Generational disconnect

What values do the young
have left
and they are not getting married
can't they see
most important
is love


The elderly are rigid and cold
trousers dusty
and moldy undergarments
wasting time paired
one to one
can't they see
most important
is love

Dust bowl to Eden

The desolate rows of
over rationalized and under
planned monoculture
woo our desperation with
controlled architecture

Boundless productivity in
raptured symbiosis
our forest garden
mimicking Mother
hands off design

Emergent systems
displace hierarchy
in time
the zietgiest
varied it's songs

Concentration, I mean internment camps

Come hither young children
of eaters beset
in the home of the brave
where cowards well met

They show up to ballot
by box or buy screen
they argue and shout it
Blue red or green

Their right to assemble
lost on a trip
at air traffic terminals
minorities strip

But the saddest thing
through the fervor and glee
Is the people of Brave
always knew they weren't free


there seems to be
some debate
as to who, in fact
the real facists are

are anti-facists

the common source of
such mind numbing discourse,
the brilliant logicians that have brought you;

"T-rex bones were placed underground to
test our faith"

"we mustn't be concerned with climate change"

"earth is shaped as a disco record"

and my personal favorite,

"Trump is draining the swamp"

but let us set
such scholarly fountains

Full poem @ allpoetry.com/poem/15561826-an

Streaming oneself
your 6 is my 3
you rise
as I fall


Failing subliminized
channel whatever
in lieu of lies
or among them,
curated truths

Dispel mindfuck
rapture and the prelude
every seeping sore
leaving totality askew

release the dream of yesteryear
Monet from afar

Instead prefigure


Relieving oneself in public

Watching a shadow puppet
addressing seared butts
or a soft drink to asphalt


I go marble
in rage

Drawing yellow turning
I visualize
the holes in earth we
dig and fill
secreted away

I wonder

If all the waste
and filth were filling
Pioneer Courthouse Square,

I wonder

Would we still make trash?

I wonder
Is cosmopolitan littering a revolutionary act?

Paradise found

It's not long after
humanities retreat
pursued by aerial mushrooms
that life reclaims the

Home of four
and unwelcome houseguests
mother is the true creator
in collaboration
like the patient tortoise
excused sterility
in obeyance to
natural order
emergent productivity
shelters a panoply
vibrant and resilient

5 min before best day

Breeze to skin
hair sways like
wind through
my feet bear the weight of the
bridge below

Electrical storms cackle back
threats of modern warfare
class waged by
or injunctions
from the top down
empty suits walk without
the bustle tempts slaves
counting sheep for
upward mobility

Not volume by weight but
density compresses
hands on my back
romancing me
theory of floating apples

The micro-dose takes hold

Full poem @ allpoetry.com/poem/14617170-5-

Flat earth theory

I'm full rudder
only time for wind
neatly tack around
squalls or
brave suit through
detail muddied in
bubbling styrofoam
transfixed by my skin and
sun-fire and
briny spray


regret seems futile
even as I approach the edge
hardly glancing back

Lessons in autonomy

Oh Oaxaca
If only against these pipelines
we could
stand gaurd like the
Mayan land

Zapatista warriors
without violence fetishized
manifest soverign independence
with acts of intention
love and defiance

through time and

Lessons in autonomy
transform top down
bottom up
growing ardor for


The myth of an answer

In all the valley below
those who burn
for warmth and light
they sleep through the condition
bought with fire

We have not slept
though dreams we rode
by brothers side
through tepid grove
to blackened peak
we took to sky
by toothsome clouds
galactic night

To solve our woe
unburden heart
we stole the moon
to light our hearth
then rolling home
by way we came
the need to burn
is gone with shame

The moon is ours
celestial light
will save our souls
at least it might

to peak or plummet

Each crimp in sequence
this mineral deposit
cords and sinew
sweat and chalk
mix at fingertip

Macroscopic vision
seems finite
the problem persists
exhaustion from
unnecessary campusing

Life, death
and lactic acid
coup de grâce
or summiting
quantam leap
as we try to center
our gravity on

The crux

Sequoia sempervirens
An elder Redwood
lays asleep
bucked into 30'

Age counted
for posterity
the mill waits

Counting rings
made in the difference between
surging growth
and starvation
cyclical variance

We count the yearly struggle
the will to survive
months of famine time

We count the scars of
between summer blossoms

We count the seeping
cadaver of
a thousand year

As the matriarch lays

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