Going from a gas vehicles traffic jam to a electric vehicles traffic jam is not the objective here.

Because personal vehicle is not sustainable, under whatever form (gas, electric, hybrid, hydrogen), we need to modify how we organised our cities, but also our link to the suburbs and the rural areas to ensure an equal access to the ability to move for all.

Because, even if we don't talk about it much, enhancing or creating better and more accessible public transport is a way to diminish social inequalities.
This is what people hiding behind the "freedom of movement" should defend, not the use of personnal cars which created the most polluting and unequal transportation system possible.


And we're not even talking about ressources use here.

Because the other problem here is that not everyone will be able to get an electric car so guess who will get them? The people in the West. And just that fact show how we create things that are inherently unequal from the start.
We know we won't have enough for everybody, we know it's not sustainable, we know it's not solving any problem we have in jammed cities, but still, we are doing it... Why? Because profits, and feel good sentiment.

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