Bruno: "No, for me there can be no right-wing humor, because it is the weak, the oppressed, the one who takes it in the face who must make fun of the one who oppresses him. If the oppressor hits the oppressed that's not humor!"

Buno Gaccio on how the fascists who hide behind humor, are in fact only perpetrating oppression.

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1. independent media. So at least we can have the other views out there.
2. community collectives. So at least we can buffer the larger social tyrants and support each other,

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Heads up Prince Rupert !

Forwarded from a friend:

Hey folks, a homie just reached out to me about the Israeli tanker that was blocked from offloading in San Francisco then it got blocked in Vancouver. The boat is headed North trying to offload in Prince Rupert. Please pass this on to folks in the area who would be down to throw down for Palestinian Solidarity and keep blocking the ship.

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**Study confirms safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination in people with cancer**

"In a review of 200 patients with a wide spectrum of cancer diagnoses, researchers found that after full vaccination, 94 percent of patients overall demonstrated seroconversion, which was determined by the presence of antibodies to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Response …"

#science #news #bot

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ANY COMRADES I PORTLAND OR. A homeless youth camp has been repeatedly attacked. From slashing tents to beatings to literally running over tents on the sidewalk with people in them. Our collective has been organizing defence for three days not. The runner over got got last night but fled his wrecked car on foot. Chad's have been lighting tents on fire across town. We'd wish they could all be protected but it's not possible. This youth camp has taken more then their share of violence for that

The question now is how do we cut the head of a monster that has a head in everything we use?

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Fascism grows from people's apathy toward it.

When people who are apathetic toward fascism cease to be, and start acting, fascism can't spread. That's the only fear of fascists.
But since questioning fascism usually goes with questioning capitalism, it's not in capitalist's interests. This is why the capitalists classes need the fascists. Since capitalists own most of the medias, and tools we use over the internet, this is why we see fascist ideology openly discussed in the public discourse.

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Le Conseil d'État a confirmé que :
- la technique de la "nasse" est illégale
- la qualité de journaliste n'est pas subordonnée à la détention d'une carte de presse

Si la police respectait la loi, aujourd'hui serait une grande journée pour la liberté de manifester et d'informer.

Political opponent who is warning about far right violence for years and his militants receive death threat from the far right :
Medias : crickets

Macron getting slapped :
Medias : "Macron slapped : The escalation of violence"
(actual title)


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i wish money making articles would just be titled "here's 12 referral links you can click that make me richer instead of you"

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RT @edwyplenel

Des youtubeurs d’extrême droite simulent l’exécution d’un « gauchiste » : la lenteur et la frilosité des réactions du pouvoir face à cette provocation fasciste contraste avec son empressement et sa fermeté face à toute provocation islamiste.

Politicians and journalists went in support to that police protest.

That "influencer" is friends with one of the most famous far right writer who is on TV EVERY FUCKING DAY Eric Zemmour.

Fuck the fascists! Fuck the Far Right!

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Some French far right "influencer" just posted a vidéo called "Are leftist bulletproof?" where they shot and stab a manequin representing a leftist militant, name the leader of the LFI (a french leftist party) Mélenchon, and openly talk about coup d'état and/or armed revolt to take power.
And this a few weeks after some military personnels wrote in a Far Right journal about taking arms, and a few weeks later after franch police took the street (yes) to complain about the justice system (yes).

The point is that the boss tried to fuck up the workers AND tried to silence the worker who open his mouth against it.

Yet no media attention.

But when some workers take down the streets as a form protest, the workers are "criminals", and "terrorists".

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A french boss hired a hitman to "silence" a union leader, because he was "annoying" to her.

What can we conclude?

-Killing (or atempt to kill) unionist does not appeal to the media. Also it seems completely OK to kill for this kind of reason.

-Women boss are as bad as men boss. The problem is not the gender, the sex or whatnot, it's the social position of power.

-A boss getting "tickled" by unions, means that the boss is trying to do bad to the workers, not just "being annoying".

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France Soir qui traduit (mal) automatiquement un article de LifeSiteNews, un site d'Extrême Droite Catholique, anti avortement, et anti masque Canadien...

C'est totalement irresponsable!

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