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Yesterday members of the IWW Dublin group marched in solidarity with the @acrataireland as part of the Cost of Living Coalition's protest against the rising cost of survival in Ireland.

Solidarity Forever ✊

"If your fridge is empty at the end of the month, just unplug it to make energy saving"

French minister of energetic transition.

The fact that the price of plane tickets to get out of Russia went to the 1000 of dollars in a few hours after the announcement of the partial mobilisation is one more proof that companies are making profits when they shouldn't.

Also they are excluding poor people.

Instead of helping people in need, companies are making the choice of only taking the richest.

Don't come tell me that this is the best economic system we can design...

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Respect yourself enough to listen to your own advice.

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IWW Manchester, and the IWW more widely, stand in solidarity with all those affected by state oppression - be it at the hands of the monarchy or the police. The working class will never be free while they are allowed to exist. They must be abolished.

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Septembre 2018. Le compte à rebours était lancé par le président de l'ONU : «Nous sommes confrontés à une menace existentielle directe», avait déclaré Antonio Guterres. «Le monde a deux ans pour agir contre le changement climatique sinon il affrontera des conséquences désastreuses»...

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Solidarity again with all postal workers out on strike today and tomorrow - the working class stands with you!

Dlúthpháirtíocht go deo

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Le Brésil célébrait ce lundi 5 septembre la «Journée de l’Amazonie». Le grand pays d'Amérique Latine est aussi en pleine campagne électorale.

Dans ce contexte, la plus grande forêt tropicale de la planète est en flammes dans une indifférence générale. Sur cette image de la société Windy réalisée à partir des mesures de monoxyde de carbone, on peut voir l'étendue des incendies qui touchent la forêt...

Irish media, are saying that students in Ireland prefer camping instead of commuting.

They still don't aknowledge the fact that it's impossible to rent anywhere as a student, because of the greedy landlord, and the amount of AirnB around.

Student who have only camping as a solution should band together and plant their tents right in the center of their university. We'll see how fast the problem would get solved.

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Liz Truss elected to lead the country by 81,326 votes.

Postal workers voting for strike action 85,100.

Remember that when they come at unions about democracy in the coming days.

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Ypu can join the Industrial Workers of the World for as little as €2\£2

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I saw a sign walking past a burger king today. $12/hour to work there. I decided to go inside and look at the prices. Most "value," meals are around that $12 mark. Some a little over others a little under, but the message I got was that Burger King feels that an hour of my life is roughly equivalent to a hamburger, some fries and a drink. I saw many people ordering many items and I assume in that hour they sold at least 50 such meals on a staff of maybe 3 or 4 people. So like $600 less maybe $60 if we are generous on wages, less cost of materials and whatever else. I think it would be fair to say in an hour at just this one location Burger King steals $300-$400 in unpaid wages from its workers. Unionizing is life or death to be honest. We can't keep doing these starvation wages while corporate walks away with huge windfalls.

I'm receiving spam mail from travel companies that are promoting "Polar cruise"...

Every occasion is an occasion to make profits.

It's maybe time to understand that we are not in the "we will correct climate change" period, but we are in the "we need to adapt to climate change" one. We need to stop emiting, but we also need to adapt, and that's imply making priority between things that will matter, and things that won't.

Here's an example of how backward we are thinking on the climate chaos question :

In France, politicians are calling people to "do their parts", while people are emitting 40%, and companies are doing 60% of the emissions.

But aiming at the economy is a big no, changing our view of work is a big no etc etc...

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🚨CAMPAIGN PETITION🚨: We are launching our petition to demand that outsourcing is brought to an end at QUB. We need as many students to sign and share this as possible as we fight for better wages, terms and conditions from Queen's management! 👇

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friends in USA, print this out, and post it in your workplace and around your neighbourhood!

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Thanks to ABC Ireland for hosting our write up of the solidarity action we carried out with Anarchist Prisoners. None are free until all are free!

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