Report from Mutual Aid Disaster Relief on autonomous mutual aid efforts across the US as summer unfolds and flooding and fires hit working-class communities. Building, organizing, networking + growing.

we have to keep our own health in the picture, and take care of ourselves and those alongside us.

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thinking about this as it becomes clearer with each year that more and more of us will experience disasters and spend more resources on preparing ourselves and our communities for this possible devastation.

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"as solidarity-based relief and aid workers we need to practice mental health awareness and caring for ourselves and each other in order to be able to navigate through the trauma that working in these spaces can induce." (from the zine on navigating trauma put out by Mutual Aid Disaster Relief: To Heal We Must Resist; To Resist We Must Heal)

"Mutual Aid Disaster Relief taught me flood waters are not obstacles. I mean, not really obstacles if we are determined and working collectively. Nor are they obstacles to imagining and building new worlds, by bringing collective power to meet people where they are. I’ve committed myself to mutual aid and, in turn, disaster relief."

#OtD 29 Jul 1921 Maria Occhipinti, Italian revolutionary, anarchist feminist, and textile worker, was born in Ragusa. In 1945 she sparked an anti-draft revolt in Ragusa, for which she was imprisoned. Read more about Occhipinti and the revolt here:

#OtD 29 Jul 1911, Bolivian anarchist union organiser Petronila Infantes, known as Doña Peta, was born in La Paz, Bolivia. Becoming a cook at a young age, at 24 she helped found the Culinary Union, which was part of the anarchist Women Workers’ Federation.

keep east kentucky in your thoughts. a region already impoverished and destroyed by capitalism, they are suffering immensely from what looks to be the biggest recorded flood in many places.

eky mutual aid is doing a lot of good work distributing funds directly to the community. find them on twitter here:

#OtD 28 Jul 1985 Anti-Fascist Action (AFA) was launched at a meeting at in London, UK. Its dedication to "physical and ideological opposition" to fascism would see it drive numerous far-right groups off the streets. This is a short history:

Media from to rushed to cover , centering Jeff Berwick as its ideological guru; white-washing far-Right Libertarians as "anarchists." Not one reported on Berwick's racist views, including Holocaust denial + praise of Hitler.

"Eastern Tennessee + Southern Appalachia are no strangers to floods. This past weekend, the flooding came home. The community response has been immediate + we’re mobilizing with multiple networks in order to continue our mutual aid work into the future."

#OtD 25 Jul 1934 Nestor Makhno, leader of the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine during the Russian revolution of 1917 and co-author of the Organisational Platform of the General Union of Anarchists, died in exile in Paris at the age of 44.

#OtD 24 Jul 1936 days after the start of the civil war Buenaventura Durruti left Barcelona with an armed column and headed for Zaragoza which was occupied by the fascists. His workers' militia advanced and saved the Aragon front. Learn more about the war:

"Antifascists defending the clinic won the day, but if these actions are going to continue to be successful, greater community participation will be needed...The more the community shows out, the less likely it is that violence will occur..."


British "defenders of women" going hard on attacking cis women in sports

I wonder if there is a pattern


take care of each other and yourself. [text from Jane Addams Collective]

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