Haunted House idea: all Trump supporting/apologists POC get left alone with the same white supremacists they excuse/support to see how well it goes for them when white supremacists have no one else to demonize or be racist towards but the same POC who support them.

So the next time someone talks to me about voting and says,
“well what other option do we have?!”

I’m going to hit back with:
Pick up a pitchfork...start building a guillotine.. learn about how to handle molotovs... if we’re all doing it at a massive scale they won’t be able to keep up with all of us.. now stop wasting our time asking questions that you already know the answer to but are too afraid/uncomfortable to acknowledge.

How many folx have already been predicting for months or maybe even years (def me) that an authoritarian fascist dictatorship was coming/about to become the reality of the U.S. and people called YOU crazy? 🥴

Yeah, I was called crazy so often. Even my professors of political science (back in undergrad) told me I was being dramatic and laughed... now when the same people’s jaw drops I’m like 🤔 I thought I warned y’all 🤔

I meant stop deluding yourselves (because there’s a lot of ppl believing this!)
Anyway, I spent tonight playing a game.. gotta keep those endorphins up before the dictatorship becomes official 🙃

I don’t believe in reform and/or change. I believe in building something completely new. I believe in the destruction of everything hierarchical. It’s awkward when folx call themselves abolitionists, but still try to negotiate with institutions.

I find it shocking when someone tells me they like to work/like labor. 🙃 you like to be charged for literally existing on a planet that is killing you and the earth with capitalism and arbitrary standards of value 🥴 yeah...can’t relate.

*these pills are hard to swallow for those that believe in voting*


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